You often have trouble with mosquitoes, you want to kill them all. Try the following mosquito catching method right away to help keep your house mosquito-free.

Mosquitoes appear almost everywhere, from bedrooms, kitchens, places where the mind is dark and damp. Thus, it is easy to spread mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. You want to kill them with mosquito incense or mosquito spray, which will affect your child’s health. Implement how to repel mosquitoes with coca very effectively in this article.

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Step 1: Use a knife to cut the water bottle into 2 parts as shown below.

Step 2: Pour a sufficient amount of coke into the bottom half of the plastic bottle just cut

Step 3: Turn the top of the bottle upside down into a funnel shape.

Step 4: Put the bottle in a place with a lot of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes that see the sweet smell will fly in and can’t get out.

Mosquitoes are obnoxious creatures of man. They are the cause of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. If you are afraid of affecting your child’s health, use this method to safely kill mosquitoes.