Sleeping in the wrong position is also a factor that adversely affects the development of a child’s skeleton. Let’s find out the sleeping positions that can cause children to have rickets to prevent them together!

The sleeping position causes the baby to have rickets

Lying on the left side can cause the baby to have rickets

Lying on the left side: When sleeping, the child cannot self-consciously adjust the position. Most children sleep on their side, but don’t let your baby lean to one side for too long, especially the left hand.

Our heart is located on the left ribcage, sleeping on the left side too much or for a long time can put pressure on the heart, making it difficult for the baby to breathe, affecting breathing and the development of the heart as well as the thoracic skeleton. Besides, lying on the left side also makes children difficulty moving, numbness and fatigue in the left shoulder and arm after waking up.

Sleeping on the stomach is very harmful to the physical development of children

Lie face down: Some children unconsciously lie on their stomachs when their parents are not around. This lying position is very harmful to the physical development of children. As well as lying on the left side, lying on your stomach put a lot of pressure on the heart and internal organscausing stomach upset, difficulty breathing even suffocation.

In this position, the baby’s legs are always bent up. Over time, it will affect the development of leg bones, makes the legs easy to bend, bow.

Expert advice

According to experts, for babies under 1 year old, parents should monitor and give the baby Alternate 3 positions when the baby sleeps. When there is no one around, it is safest for the baby to lie on his back. When the baby is sick, the body feels tired and the muscles are relatively weak, parents should also put the baby on his back to make him feel comfortable.

Children should alternate lying on the left side and right side

If the child is healthy and normal, it should be given to the child Alternately lying on the left and right side. This position helps the child to avoid choking if he accidentally spits up milk.

At the same time, you should note to put a soft paper or soft towel under the baby’s cheek in case the baby spits up milk. To maintain the baby’s side lying position, you can insert a soft pillow or blanket to support the baby’s back.

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For infants, lying position greatly affects the child’s bone development because this is the period when the baby’s muscles and bones are still soft. Therefore, parents should pay attention to monitor and correct inappropriate lying positions for the baby, so that the baby develops healthier. Follow our articles for more useful information!