In the rainy season, it is very dangerous when the rearview mirror of cars and motorbikes gets easily blurred. However, with this simple trick, you can solve this issue.

Anyone riding a motorbike or car will agree that it is very difficult to see with the rearview mirror during rainy weather. There have been many articles sharing different methods to overcome this situation, such as using toothpaste or nano spray to anti-fog the mirror. However, these methods only provide temporary relief and require frequent reapplication, which can be time-consuming.

The following article will provide a solution to this problem by using phone stickers.

Why can phone stickers help in this situation? Actually, I don’t know. But you can observe that water does not move on the phone sticker at all. We can take advantage of this feature to prevent the rearview mirror from being blurred by water.

Steam on the mirrorSteam on the mirror

Proceed as follows

Step 1: Clean the rearview mirror.

Step 2: Use a screen protector or a car sticker with the same effect. You can easily purchase these items from phone shops or car sticker shops at an affordable price. Cut a portion of the sticker to fit your mirror and stick it on.


Water will not collect on the rearview mirror anymore.

This method is extremely effective and the cost is only incurred once. It provides long-lasting results, unlike other temporary solutions.