Baby massage is a topic that many mothers are interested in. Science has proven that massage is very beneficial for your baby’s health. Let’s find out the reasons why mothers should massage their babies often!

Help your baby digest better

Abdominal massage reduces bloating and vomiting. Regular massage helps to increase bowel movements, the baby has more appetite, and grows quickly.

Massage helps the baby to eat quickly.

Let your baby have a supple and toned body

According to statistics, newborn babies who are massaged with baby massage oil 3 times a day, within 10 days, gain nearly 25% of their body weight compared to birth. In addition, massage helps regulate heart rate, improve brain activity, eliminate toxins, increase excretion and metabolism of the baby.

Massage helps the baby to have a flexible and toned body.

Helping children develop mentally and socially

During the massage, the baby can talk and confide, will gradually accumulate language capital, train reflexes, and help the baby know love and hate, step by step forming personality and awareness for children. Not only that, many studies show that babies who receive regular massage are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.

During the massage, the baby can talk, confide, and gradually accumulate language skills.

Reduce stress, fussiness in babies

Head massage helps the baby reduce stress, fussiness. To effectively enhance blood circulation and increase resistance, you should massage your baby regularly. Besides, full body massage also increases the amount of beneficial hormones in the body, reducing fatigue for the baby.

Head massage helps the baby reduce stress, fussiness.

Family bonding

Baby massage is a time when parents spend time with their children, have fun, talk with their babies, and bond with family.

Baby massage is a time when parents spend time with their children, bonding family feelings.

Reducing postpartum depression in mothers

When father and mother massage the baby together, the mother will be connected and chatted not only with her child but also with her husband. This brings positive effects, relieves stress, increases connection and love. Postpartum depression in mothers is also less.

Baby massage helps reduce postpartum depression in mothers.

You already know the great benefits of baby massage, why not practice it right away? Happy baby and family!

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