The trend of buying durians to pay for seeds to reduce prices has exploded in recent years, making durian lovers excited but also making many people doubt whether this is a trick of the seller.

Stemming from a shortage of seeds at growers, sellers want to collect seeds and sell them to nurseries to grow new plants. Diners come to choose, buy and enjoy on the spot. Many places because the other quantity is too much, will let customers deposit from 30-50,000 VND. Within 2 days, customers who bring seeds will be refunded the deposit because after 3 days, the seeds will be damaged. But why is there a form of durian paying seeds like this, is it a trick of the merchants or not? The answer is right here.

Where does the form of durian seed recovery come from?Where does the form of durian seed recovery come from?

firstWhere does the form of durian seed recovery come from?

The form of cheap durian food returns seeds first appeared in Ben Tre in early July 2018initiated by a barn owner in Cho Lach district. Durian is eaten on the spot by tourists, returning the seeds for 19,000 VND/kg. Durian seeds after preliminary processing will be sold for 90,000 VND/kg.

With an affordable price and interesting enjoyment, since its appearance, this form has attracted many durian “addicts”.

Most of these are green bitter melon varieties that are grown a lot in the Central Highlands, not good quality, not as delicious as Ri 6, Chuong Bo and grown in many places in the West. But due to low yield and poor quality, growers have imported varieties from Thailand such as Ri 6 to plant instead.

The seed durian variety, although the fruit is small, the yield is not high, but it has high adaptability, grows quickly in many different climatic conditions; Especially, it is not as laborious as the popular commercial durian varieties today. The seeds of durian are small, the rice is thin but sweet and the seeds are large.

2Why is there a form of purchasing durian seeds?

Durian nurseries in Lam Dong and the West are in need of a large amount of durian seeds for seeding and paired with high yielding new varieties of durian such as RI6 and Monthong, resulting in a sharp increase in the seeds of this fruit.

In addition, Chinese traders buy large quantities of durian seeds at high prices to bring back home because they believe that durian seeds help treat arthritis.

According to the seller, usually at places that supply seeds, durian flesh will be separated to get seeds. The rice will be sold to ice cream and cake shops with prices from 20,000 to 30,000 VND/kg.

It is known that every year, weak seeds can still sell 5,000-8,000 VND/kg, and good ones are 20,000-30,000 VND/kg. But this year, the price of nuts has doubled, tripled.

These cheap durian locations always attract a large number of diners to buy. Thanks to this new form of business, both sellers and buyers benefit. The gardener makes a profit thanks to money from durian and seed money, diners can buy durian at a cheap price.

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