November 11 every year is considered a singles day, in addition, this is also a large-scale shopping festival. Find out more in this article.

On this 11/11, single people in China will organize entertainment activities, gatherings, eating, playing, singing… to forget their loneliness.

In addition, this is also an opportunity for singles to shop freely with attractive offers. 11/11 is not only “Single’s Day”, it is also Asia’s largest “shopping festival”, comparable to Black Friday and Monday Cyber ​​of Western countries. Find out when is Black Friday 2022? The secret to hunting Black Friday sale on GREEN SHOP!

Why is 11/11 Singles Day a Shopping Holiday?

Why is 11/11 Singles’ Day a shopping holiday?

Why is 11/11 Singles' Day a shopping holiday?

Since 2009, Singles’ Day has had a new and more diverse development thanks to the idea of ​​billionaire Jack Ma. Right from the first day of his start-up, he directed his staff to choose a fixed date for “super discount”, stimulating shopping demand, similar to Black Friday in the US, which is 11/11.

Alibaba e-commerce site has turned 11/11 every year into a “Shopping Festival” with the slogan “Even if we don’t have a lover, at least we can go crazy shopping.”

Why is 11/11 a shopping holiday?Even if we don’t have a lover, at least we can go crazy shopping

The audience that this festival wants to target is not only single people but also everyone, regardless of class, who loves shopping. In this shopping festival, in addition to shopping for yourself, this is also an opportunity to buy gifts to give to friends, family members,…

During this shopping festival, stores will take turns selling off from 8 – 90% compared to the original price so that people can shop satisfied. This shopping day has helped stimulate commercial demand, skyrocketing retailers’ sales and becoming a global shopping trend followed by many Western brands.

On 11/11, brands will sell from 8-90% of their itemsOn 11/11, brands will sell from 8-90% of their items

On 11/11/2018, Alibaba made US retailers jealous when achieved record sales that nearly doubled sales from Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the US in the same year.

So through the article, you have better understand why 11/11 has become a shopping holiday. Hope you have a pleasant and safe shopping day!

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