Famous for washing laundry detergent for children’s clothes, but for mothers who have never tried it, they are still wondering if Dnee washing liquid is good? Here are the reasons for you to choose.

With mild, benign ingredients, good washing ability, pleasant fragrance, and not too expensive price, Dnee washing liquid is generally appreciated by mothers when choosing to use it for their little ones. Let’s learn more about Dnee laundry detergent in the following article.

firstPrestigious Thai brand

Reasons to choose Dnee laundry detergent

Dnee is a brand specializing in providing excellent family and children’s health care products Thailand’s famous.

Thai laundry detergent is not only clean and fragrant, but also very safe for the skin. Therefore, Dnee laundry detergent, a prestigious and popular brand right away The Thai market itself will not be difficult to “beat” the sisters in Vietnam.

2Safe for children’s sensitive skin

Reasons to choose Dnee laundry detergent

The product is formulated with Neutral pH, very safe for baby’s sensitive skin, does not cause irritation, rash for children’s skin. When washing, you do not need to use gloves because the washing liquid is very soft and safe for the skin of your hands.

Dnee laundry detergent is specialized for cleaning children’s clothes, but it is also suitable for cleaning stains on adult clothes, especially for children. for cleaning underwear, clothes made of delicate fabrics.

3Remove all stubborn stains

Dnee laundry detergent is specially formulated to help remove common stains on children’s clothes easily such as milk stains, food stains, grease stains, mud…

Detergent ingredients in Dnee laundry detergent such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate helps to clean stains effective, Polyacrylate prevents stains from sticking back.

4Keeps clothes soft, durable, fragrant

With ingredients of natural origin, Dnee washing liquid does not dry hard, corrode fabric fibers help restore the structure of the fabric, increase the strength, cotton sponge for the fabric.

Therefore, children’s clothes, blankets, towels after washing with Dnee detergent will Very soft, lightweight.

5Very affordable price

Dnee laundry detergent has 3 forms of packaging: 3 liter can, 960 ml bottle and 600 ml bag. Level The price is about 70,000 VND to 200,000 VND depending on the type and place of sale.

With this price, Dnee washing liquid is not too expensive, compared to the quality and safety, it is a very reasonable head to use for children.

6There are many scents to choose from

Reasons to choose Dnee laundry detergent

Dnee laundry detergent with 4 colors for 4 scents: white – a scent like chrysanthemum, purple – lavender, blue – like the passionate morning sun, pink – sweet like candy, you will surely choose a favorite scent for your baby.

In conclusion, not only here, but mothers will feel quite secure when finding out information about Dnee washing liquid on all forums and social networking sites. If the product wasn’t of good quality, it probably wouldn’t have received so many positive feedback.