There are many types of water available in the market today. However, which type of water poses the greatest danger to young children? Together GREEN Department Store List some types of water that parents need to remove from the list for their children right now!

firstTypes of water children should not use or limit

Minerals that accumulate for a long time will lead to arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, and edema

– Mineral water: because all kinds of mineral water contain substances such as: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium… so you need to use it at the right time and with the right object. For young children, mothers should not use mineral water containing high mineral content to make milk. The reason is that the child’s kidneys are too weak, they will not be able to excrete excess minerals from the body. If minerals accumulate for a long time, it will lead to arrhythmia, high blood pressure, edema …

– Carbonated soft drinks: Most kids love carbonated soft drinks. However, if children drink this type of water, it can cause tooth decay, obesity, loss of appetite and other dangers. Therefore, parents should only let children drink in necessary fun occasions, should not let children become addicted.

Energy drinks also contain caffeine, which is harmful to children if used regularly

– Energy drink: Not only do they contain artificial sweeteners and colors, energy drinks also contain caffeine, which is harmful to children if used regularly. Besides, drinks containing high caffeine content such as coffee, chocolate, soda syrup… also need to be limited for children to drink.

– Industrial fruit juices: Commercially available fruit juices are high in sugar, low in minerals and vitamins. If children drink too much, it will lead to overweight and obesity.

– Green tea: Green tea is good for health. But containing a lot of caffeine is not suitable for young children. If you want to let your children drink, you need to buy tea for children at reputable and quality places.

2What water should children drink?

Cooled boiling water regulates body temperature, good for children's digestive system

– Boiled water to cool: This type of water will regulate body temperature, good for the digestive system of children, prevent constipation and other diseases. However, depending on the age, parents let their children drink with the appropriate amount of water.

– Fresh fruit juice contains many vitamins: You can squeeze fresh fruits such as apples, watermelons, carrots, pineapples, etc., and then give them to children to drink. These types of water contain many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for children, help children increase resistance, improve the immune system and are good for the brain. However, do not put too much sugar in your child’s juice.

Milk and soy milk help children grow taller

– Milk and soy milk help children grow taller: Milk contains a lot of protein, calcium, and Vitamin D necessary for children. Therefore, add milk every day for children, on average, about 2 boxes of milk per day.

Above are the types of drinking water that are not good and good for children, parents need to know to help children develop well and avoid affecting health. Wishing your family good health!

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