There are too many different types of washing powder on the market, making it difficult for you to choose, no need to think twice, the following article will untangle your anxiety by synthesizing a few types of washing powder. are popular today. Follow along with me.

Detergent is a detergent manufactured from various additives. These substances work on the surface of the fabric, helping to remove stains and plaques on clothes. As times get better and better, manufacturers also add a number of different fragrance agents in their products. On the market today, there are many famous brands of washing powder, among them are Omo, Tide, Ariel, Surf, dp CLEAN… each brand has its own advantages and different uses. users more headache when choosing.

firstLix Extra laundry detergent lemon flavor

Lix Extra laundry detergent lemon flavor is applied optical bleaching technology, which helps to dislodge stains quickly, and quickly penetrates into each fabric, removing stubborn stains. Besides, the product is also extracted from the natural fresh lemon scent, keeping your family’s clothes always smelling fresh and keeping the scent for a long time and completely benign to the skin.

The price of this product is about: 150,000 / bag of 6kg

2Aba thermal washing powder with fragrance

Using Frep flexible fragrance technology, Aba perfumed heat washing powder spreads the scent throughout the space, you will feel your body always exuding a light, faint fragrance despite all day activities. Not only that, the product also has a foam-sensitive formula, promoting the washing process and removing stains quickly, effectively saving washing time. If you have clothes that must be washed by hand, using Aba thermal washing powder is a perfect choice because it contains extremely safe ingredients that are not harmful when in contact with the skin.

The price of this product is about: 164,000 / bag 4.1kg

3Surf washing powder has a charming fragrance

If you are looking for a washing powder that has the ability to completely remove stains, and can keep a long and pleasant fragrance, then don’t ignore Surf washing powder with charming fragrance. The point that makes the difference of this washing powder is the quick cleaning technology and the seductive fragrance essence from France, they will crept and penetrate deeply into each fabric, spreading a charming and extremely perfumed scent. comfortable, comfortable.

The price of this product is about: 169,000 / 5.5kg bag

4Attack washing powder deodorizes refreshing day

As a famous detergent brand number 1 in Japan, Attack gradually won the trust of housewives in the Vietnamese market because of its affordable price and excellent product quality. Possessing the exclusive deodorizing technology of Kao Corporation in Japan, Attack Deodorant Deodorant Deodorant Deodorant not only completely removes stains and plaques on clothes, but it also eliminates bacteria that cause odors. smell, giving you fragrant, clean clothes.

The price of this product is about: 170,000/bag 3.8kg

5OMO Comfort washing powder with fragrant essential oil

As one of the famous detergent brands, Omo knows how to win the hearts of consumers by always improving and releasing a wide range of products to attract the market. One of the products that leaves the strongest impression that cannot be ignored is OMO Comfort washing powder with passionate aroma oil, a series of washing powders with natural perfume essence that are highly appreciated by users.

Omo Comfort is the perfect combination of white washing technology, color retention with the characteristic scent of Comfort fabric softener, giving you clean, beautiful and fresh clothes all day. With vortex technology and crystal particles, the product will crept into each fabric to remove dirt as well as keep the fragrance for a long time.

The price of this product is about: 189,000 / bag 4.1kg

In addition to washing powder, Omo is also very famous for its washing liquid product line, you can refer to it at: Find out the types of Omo laundry detergent, price and use of each type.

6Breakthrough White Tide Detergent

Tide is one of the famous product lines under the P&G brand. With a special formula, breakthrough white Tide detergent can dissolve powder and remove stains 5 times faster than other conventional detergents. Not only that, the ingredients in this product line are also extremely benign, so it can be used for hand washing without worrying about the problem being affected. Using Tide washing powder for washing machines, clothes are not only bright white but also fresh for a long time.

The price of this product is about: 197,000 / 5.5kg bag

7Ariel Downy washing powder passion scent

Ariel Downy Detergent Detergent with a formula that removes stubborn stains quickly and removes 2 times more integrity in just 1 washing step. Not to mention, the product is also applied advanced technology, so even if it is washed many times, it will not affect the color of clothes like other common detergents. The outstanding advantage of this washing powder is that Downy essence keeps a long-lasting fragrance on each fabric, so you can freely operate without worrying about the odor secreted.

The price of this product is about: 246,000 / bag of 5kg

Hopefully, with the information that I have shared, it can help you choose to buy a washing powder that suits your family’s needs and budget.

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