Formula milk and ready-to-drink formula are both essential for your baby’s development. So, which one should I use for my baby?

Busy work from home to office makes many mothers do not have time to make milk for their children, besides every time they go out, it will be difficult to make milk, which is why many mothers choose powdered milk. ready-to-drink. So, you should use formula milk or ready-made powdered milk for your baby, follow the article below.

These two types of milk are guaranteed in terms of quality, mothers can be completely assured. However, it still has its differences.

firstAbout usability

Milk powder formula

Milk powder formulaMilk powder formula

– For powdered milk, it will be difficult to mix because mothers need to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if Mixing water with incorrect temperature standards will cause the milk to not dissolve completely, and the baby may have stomach pain when drinking still mixed with water If it is too hot, the milk will lose some nutrients and beneficial bacteria. When brewing, give Too much water will not ensure enough nutrition When the baby is dehydrated, the baby is easily constipated.

– Can be mixed and given to the baby to drink hot to make it easier for the baby to absorb, especially in the evening. At the same time, it is possible to actively control the hygienic quality of the brewing equipment as well as the water source.

– However, it is very difficult for mothers when every night the baby is hungry and has to wake up struggling to make milk, it is really annoying. Even going out is very inconvenient in making milk.

Ready-to-drink milk powder

Which type of milk powder and ready-to-drink milk powder should be used?

– The manufacturer has mixed according to the correct formula, is sterilized and carefully packaged, mom doesn’t need to mix.

– Can be used anytime, anywhere, if at night, the mother just needs to plug in the straw and the baby can drink immediately without spending time making. It will be very convenient for long trips, when going out.

110ml vanilla PediaSure ready-to-drink milk with price about 91,000 VND

2Age of using milk

Formula milk has a clear age regulation for milk use according to each stage of the child’s development, for example: 0-6 months of age; the period of 6-12 months of age; 12 months – 24 months old…

Ready-to-drink milk does not have a clear age division, Only some milk lines with specific age regulations can be used, for example: PediaSure BA stipulates that children from 3 years old can use it, Grow Gold stipulates that children from 2 years old can use it. ..


To see the price difference, for example the same Nan Optipro milk:

When moms buy Nan Optipro milk No. 4, 1 batch of ready-to-drink milk with 4 boxes of 180ml will cost about 60,000 VND. Each box of baby milk will cost 15,000 VND/box; If the mother chooses to buy milk of the same type but it is a 1.8kg box of powdered milk, it will cost about 620,000 VND with this milk box, you will make about 59 cups of milk with 180ml amount, so for each glass Baby drink will cost about 11,000 VND / cup.

So with the above comparison, it can be seen that choosing to buy powdered milk will be cheaper than buying ready-made milk of the same type.

4Should you use powdered milk or ready-made powdered milk?

Which type of milk powder and ready-to-drink milk powder should be used?

Whether to use powdered milk or ready-made formula is up to each mother’s choice. If mothers have time to stay at home to take care of their children, they can make milk for their babies to drink, especially at night drinking hot milk will help babies warm their stomachs and sleep better, but they need to be very careful about the regulations on mixing milk. And every time you go out, you can let your baby use ready-made milk for more convenience

In case busy mothers do not have time to make milk for their babies every day, they can give their babies ready-made milk of the same type that is not only convenient but also ensures adequate nutrition for the baby.

You can refer to more Enfagrow milk, Nan Supreme milk powder, Frisolac milk, … or other types of milk: NutiFood Grow Plus + 900g cans, 4 boxes of NutiFood Grow Plus + vanilla 180ml.

With the information the article has just shared, I hope to help mothers choose the right milk for their baby. However, when buying milk to ensure nutritional standards and safety, mothers also need to pay attention to the expiration date and how to store milk!