Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies. However, when a baby is delivered by cesarean section, there may not be enough milk to feed the baby right away. Mothers should prepare the names of some milk suitable for babies just in case.

Nestle Nan’s Milk

This is a high quality product line of Nestle, which is the ideal product to help babies stay healthy and strong in the first days after birth.

Nan’s Milk does not contain much iron like other milks, but make up for it Contains a lot of fiber Helps your baby absorb and digest nutrients well.

Does not cause constipation or general gastrointestinal disease for young children.

Nan milk has a similar taste to breast milk, so it is easy to drink, children are not surprised or give up milk when drinking both breast milk and formula.

The nutritional composition in milk does not make the baby gain weight as quickly as other types of milk, but it helps the baby to be agile, strong and develop completely naturally.

Nestle Nan's Milk

Meiji Milk

This is a famous Japanese product that supports children’s comprehensive development of both body and mind.

Similar to Nan, the light milk flavor is suitable for babies, along with some integrated ingredients that play a role in increasing the baby’s resistance.

The special feature is that Meiji has additional FOS fiber Supports the protection of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and eliminates harmful bacteria.

As a product of Asian countries, this is a suitable choice for the physique and stature of Asian angels.

Meiji Milk

Icreo Glico Milk

This is also a Japanese product line with great benefits for babies and children.

Milk contains trace amounts of Oligo Galacto Street Help your baby to easily defecate, prevent constipation.

Icreo Glico is considered to be one of the most nutritious milks for babies, so this is a rather expensive milk on the market.

Icreo Glico Milk

Morinaga Milk

Having the same advantages as Meiji milk, but Morinaga milk also has outstanding plus points.

This is the world’s first supplemented milk powder line Lactoferrin into the formula with the effect of strengthening the immune system, creating a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract to grow.

Besides, milk also contains 2 types Sugar Oligossacharide Lactulose and Rafinose Support for your baby’s digestive system.

Morinaga Milk

Preparing for the best for your baby is something every mother wants to do. Choosing the right milk products for babies is one of the indispensable things for the development of children.

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