There are many types of ready-made powdered milk on the market. So let’s take a moment to find out which ready-to-drink formula is best for babies today!

According to the general trend, all mothers are busy with work, so choosing to use ready-to-use powdered milk is the most suitable choice. Children can drink milk at any time whether going to school, going out, having a picnic…. In the summer, you can keep ready-made milk in the refrigerator to help your baby cool down very well. Many mothers wonder which type of milk powder is the best today, the answer will be soon below.

Ready-to-drink milk powder Make sure the formula is correct powder as specified by the manufacturer: Water source, water temperature or water ratio.

Convenience to carry out: With ready-made formula, mothers do not need to bring many things such as bottles, milk, water, etc., but just bring 1-2 boxes for the baby is enough.

Benefits for moms: To take care of the baby at night, the mother has to get up to cook water, sterilize the bottle and mix the milk, which takes a long time and the mother is very tired. So with ready-made powdered milk, mothers will save a lot of time to take care of their babies.

Ready-to-drink powdered milk for 1 year old baby

firstDielac ready-to-drink powdered milk for 1 year old baby

Dielac is a famous brand of Vinamikl for launching ready-to-drink powdered milk products, with many different product lines such as:

  • Dielac Optimum Gold help supplement the amount of DHA extracted from pure algae, along with the Lutein content in milk, the baby will be supported for comprehensive development of brain, height and resistance.

  • Dielac Alpha Gold specially formulated to support brain development with Opti-Grow IQ™ formula, successfully applying Lutein from the research of DSM nutrition group, Switzerland, Bundle of 4 boxes costs about 39,000 VND.

  • Dielac Grow with a breakthrough nutrient system Grow-Pro contains 34 nutrients including Calcium, Vitamin D3, DHA, Lysin… to help develop children’s height, weight and brain, Bundle of 4 boxes costs about 39,000 VND.

Dielac ready-to-drink powdered milk for 1 year old babyDielac ready-to-drink powdered milk for 1 year old baby

  • Dielac Grow Plus For malnourished or stunted children in Vietnam, Grow Plus helps babies gain healthy weight, Grow Plus Milk is for babies over 1 year old with slow weight gain, Bundle of 4 boxes costs about 35,500 VND.

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2Abbott ready-to-drink milk powder

Abbott ready-to-drink milk powderAbbott ready-to-drink milk powder

Abbott is an extremely reputable brand, this is considered a great solution when your child is anorexic and slow to gain weight. With a wide range of ready-to-drink powdered milk products such as:

PediaSure BA suitable for children with slow weight gain, malnutrition with many flavors such as: traditional vanilla, chocolate. Note: Use only when children are over 3 years old.

Grow Gold For children over 2 years old, providing a full range of nutrients to help them have full health and energy to function, 4 boxes cost about 56,000 VND.

3Nutifood 1 year old baby milk powder

Nutifood familiar milk line not only ensures adequate supply of nutrients for the comprehensive development of children, but especially this product line also has a price that is affordable for consumers.

Besides Nutifood powdered milk, in order to bring convenience to users, the company also launched more ready-to-drink powdered milk products such as:

  • Grow Plus + help increase weight, height, strengthen the immune system, reduce the incidence and frequency of acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, constipation, pack of 4 boxes cost about 42,000 VND.

  • Nuvita Grow Support to promote maximum height, especially the product is supplemented with essential nutrients, milk also helps your baby gain weight well, develop brain, eyesight and improve digestive system.

4Nutricare ready-to-drink milk powder

Nutricare ready-to-drink milk powderNutricare ready-to-drink milk powder

Nutricare has just appeared in Vietnam but is gradually asserting its quality and winning the hearts of consumers.

Recently, this Meta Care milk company has just launched Metacare and Metacare Eco ready-to-drink milk powder products with many outstanding advantages to bring comprehensive development for children.

5Ready-to-drink baby formula for 1 year old Friso

Ready-to-drink baby formula for 1 year old FrisoReady-to-drink baby formula for 1 year old Friso

Friso is a well-known milk brand with many special product lines. Friso has a whole line of ready-made powdered milk products such as Friso Gold to support the child’s resistance to enhance development, a pack of 4 boxes priced at about 35,000 VND. .

Note when using ready-made powdered milk for babies

  • Ready-to-drink powdered milk can be refrigerated when the child does not finish it, not necessarily discarded like hot milk.

  • Mothers need to store milk in a clean, dry place, away from heat and sunlight.

  • Mothers need to carefully read the instructions for use, especially some types of milk specifying the age of the baby to be used, mothers need to pay close attention to this issue to ensure correct and sufficient nutrition for the baby.

Above are some reputable ready-to-drink milk lines that mothers can consider choosing the right products for their children to help them stay healthy, increase resistance, and develop comprehensively.