The fierce competition in the imported beer market segment is most evident in the increasing appearance of imported beer brands. Let’s find out which imported beer is delicious.

Referring to imported beer, there are hundreds of beers with many different origins. Each type of beer from a different country will bring different attractive experiences. Depending on the brewing recipe, the brewing materials of each beer are different, bringing different experiences to customers. Here are some famous delicious imported beers that you should try.

firstChimay Beer – Beer imported from Belgium

Chimay Beer - Beer imported from Belgium

Chimay Beer is a famous brand from Belgium. The “monk” beer has an attractive fruity taste due to a special fermentation process, leaving a light sweet taste on the drinker’s tongue.

This beer can be enjoyed with a variety of delicious foods such as cheese, grilled dishes using fragrant charcoal such as smoked skewers, bacon, sausages, .. The right temperature to drink this beer to achieve the best taste is 10-12 degrees Celsius.

2Leffe Beer – Foreign beer imported from Belgium

As popular as Chimay beer, Leffe beer is a famous brand that also originates from Belgium. This drink comes in two varieties: yellow and brown.

Yellow Leffe has a pure fruit flavor, light, rich in taste, with flavors of ginger, orange, nutmeg, leaving a sweet taste on the tip of the tongue. Leffe is suitable for light meals, with biscuits or salmon pate. Serve cold, the most intense flavor when used at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

Brown Leffe is a stronger fruit beer than yellow Leffe, Main flavors are burnt caramel and mild sweetness.

3Beer Duvel

Duvel beer from Belgium has a fruity aroma with a mild taste mixed with a characteristic bitter yeast to create a harmonious and fresh feeling. This beer with a concentration of 8.5% is also quite high and is loved by many men.

Duvel is delicious when chilled at 5-6 degrees Celsius and served with cheese, drinks, red meat.

4Beer Budweiser

As a Belgian beer brand, it is continuously one of the 100 brightest brands in the world and is constantly at the top of the list of delicious beer lines favored by world beer addicts with delicious fresh beer, fragrant hops. and distinctive flavors from the aging casks made from pure oak.

Although there is a factory in Vietnam, the Budweiser beer lines imported from Belgium, the US or Budwerser Budvar beer – Czechoslovakia still have special popularity among many users. Budweiser divides into many beer lines suitable for different user tastes such as: yellow Budweiser beer, black Budweiser beer…

This beer line is especially suitable for Western dishes such as cheese, cold meat, bacon, bacon…

5Corona Beer – Beer imported from Mexico

Corona beer is a Mexican beer brand and also one of the 3 largest beer brands in the world. With an impressive appearance of yellow color in the cool pole, Corona beer has an unforgettable taste when drunk with a slice of fresh lemon.

6Beck’s Beer

Absolutely committed to the Purity Act, with only 4 natural ingredients, Beck’s has made a classy golden drink; Bitter and strong flavor “cut the heart” of hundreds of millions of users around the world.

With the main ingredients being water, malt from barley, hops and 5% alcohol, produced by modern processes with a unique formula, giving consumers a great experience when enjoying.Beer. has a particularly delicious, rich, light and light taste suitable for women.

Currently, Beck beer has a factory in Vietnam, so consumers can buy this beer more easily. However, if you like the highest quality and scrumptious taste then obviously beer Beck imported from Germany still has the most typical flavors.

7Saint Omer Beer 8%

Saint Omer 8% beer is France’s second best-selling beer.

Holding a cup of Saint omer Beer 8%, you can’t help but be excited with the white and smooth foam that fills the cup, the strong aroma of hops, the rich flavor of the malt and the bold consistency that only fresh beer has. is the new line of high-class, delicious and delicious Lager.

Saint omer French beer 8% is strong, so it should be combined with fatty dishes such as barbecue, stir-fry, stew… Drink it directly and taste better when it’s cold.

8Apostel Brau monk beer 7.9%

Apostel Brau 7.9% German canned beer is a classy, ​​luxurious beer that is highly appreciated for both quality and design. The product is especially famous for its delicious, pure taste that is different from ordinary beers.

The beer has a golden color, a characteristic aroma and especially a charming taste right from the first time you enjoy it. The product is one of Germany’s best-selling beers.

The beer market in Vietnam is not only exciting with familiar brands such as Heineken, Tiger, Saigon but now also has the presence of beer brands imported into Vietnam. Above are some suggestions for delicious imported beers today, hoping to help men have more options to suit their preferences.

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