Weaning powder and baby formula are carefully researched by manufacturers for their ingredients, uses, and mixing ratio with water to maximize nutrients. The mixing of these two powders for the baby to eat depends on the baby’s condition.

firstWhen do babies start eating solids?

As babies grow, their nutritional needs change as well, breast milk will no longer be enough for babies to feel satisfied and full to play.

This stage usually occurs around the age of 4-6 months. But The right time to introduce solid foods is 6 months because the baby is strong enough to adapt to the outside environment.

When do babies start eating solids?When do babies start eating solids?

2Should we mix baby powder with formula milk?

Theoretically, Powdered infant formula and infant formula can be mixed together baby food to supplement nutrients. The ingredients of these two powders are benign, safe for babies, when mixed, they usually do not cause allergies, irritation, and poisoning, so mothers can rest assured to mix formula into baby powder.

Besides, formula milk and solid food powder have similar nutritional components but also complement each other, suitable for enriching daily nutrients for babies. These two products both contain vitamins and minerals, starchy supplement powder, fiber from vegetables and fruits, fish oil, etc., while formula is rich in DHA, ARA, choline

In the process of taking care of children, mothers often find good tips and great ways to raise children. Mixing baby powder with formula is also one of the best methods, however If applied incorrectly, there will be unfortunate consequences.

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Should we mix baby powder with formula milk?Should we mix baby powder with formula milk?

3When is it wrong to mix baby powder with formula milk?

Most of you who are mothers for the first time are often worried that their baby will not drink enough milk to develop. Therefore, mothers often mix pureed food or solid food with milk to Feed the baby when the baby is still under 6 months old.

That’s the reason May be harmful to children’s health Because the intestines and kidneys of an infant are not yet mature enough to digest foreign foods. Besides, Gluten in baby powder is harmful for babies under 6 months old.

At this time, the child’s immune system is too weak to adapt to the new substance. Breast milk and formula are the main sources of nutrition for babies 0-6 months old.

When is it wrong to mix baby powder with formula milk?When is it wrong to mix baby powder with formula milk?

4When is the right time to mix baby powder with formula milk?

Tell from 6th month onwards, the mother can add external substances and let the child get used to the powdered food. You can mix cereal powder with milk, or make soups mixed with milk such as milk pumpkin soup, milk potato soup, etc.

However, this combination Do not do it often because it will make children bored quickly and the energy in this mixture is too much for children to absorb lead to loveh indigestion.


Milk should not be mixed with fruit juice because the minerals and vitamins in the fruit can alter the formula of the milk.

Do not add sugar to your baby’s formula or infant formula.

When is the right time to mix baby powder with formula milk?When is the right time to mix baby powder with formula milk?

5How to mix baby powder with formula milk

This recipe is both simple, delicious and nutritious.

Ingredients for making weaning powder with formula milk

How to mix baby powder with formula milk

Step 1 Stir in powder for snacks

You put the powder and water into the pot and stir until the powder is dissolved. Water should be used cold to prevent the powder from clumping.

Step 2 Cook weaning powder

Cook the flour with high heat, stir with your hands until it boils, then reduce to low heat and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 3 Add powdered milk and done

Put the dough in a bowl, let the dough cool down, and the temperature is about 40 or 50 degrees Celsius, add powdered milk and mix well.

How to mix baby powder with formula milkMixture of baby powder with formula milk

6Notes when mixing baby powder and formula

Here are the things that nursing mothers must definitely keep in mind:

  • The right time to Feed your baby a mixture of powdered solids and formula when your baby is more than 6 months oldthen, the baby’s body has developed to a certain extent that it can absorb and metabolize chemicals well.

  • After mixing the powder with water according to the product’s instructions, you add formula in powder form In, do not mix ready-made milk with water and then add it to the powder.

Notes when mixing baby powder and formulaGive your child extra water to drink to avoid constipation

  • Should choose formula milk with benign ingredients, do not cause digestive disorders, choose milk according to the age and suitable for the needs and health of the baby.

Above are the experiences of mixing weaning powder with baby formula. Parents, please research carefully before applying to your baby!

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