Ordering online can now order frozen foods. Let’s find out what’s special about frozen foods when buying online at Bach Hoa XANH.

Capturing people’s online shopping needs. For frozen foods, Bach Hoa XANH still delivers online. So when buying frozen food online at Bach Hoa XANH, what’s special, find out more in the article below.


In just a few simple steps you can place your order. You just need to go to the website of Bach Hoa Xanh by phone or a computer. Select a product and then place an order. Extremely convenient, isn’t it?


2Food delivered is still cold

Frozen foods upon delivery will be stored in a styrofoam box. This styrofoam box will help keep food cold on the way to better delivery.

3Fast delivery

Usually when ordering online, you need to wait about 3-4 days to receive the goods. But when you order online at Bach Hoa Xanh. You will receive the item the next day.

What's special about frozen food when buying online at Bach Hoa XANH?

4Late delivery, get voucher for VND 50,000

Just choose the time when placing an order, Phunudaily commits to deliver the right product, on time. If there is a shortage of goods or delayed delivery even by 1 minute, immediately pay the voucher 50,000 VND

5Door to door delivery

Whether you are in an office or a high-rise apartment building, even without an elevator. GREEN Bach Hoa guarantees door-to-door delivery, you don’t need to stop working to pick up the goods.

What's special about frozen food when buying online at Bach Hoa XANH?

Above are some special things when you order online Bach Hoa Xanh’s frozen foods. Hurry up to order to receive these utilities.

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