Porridge cooked with eggs is both delicious and healthy not only for adults but also for children. So cook egg porridge with vegetables that are both delicious and nutritious?

The headache of mothers is that they do not know what to cook for their baby to eat weaning, egg porridge is a very good choice, but cooking egg porridge is not enough for the baby to develop. Let’s see more to know how to cook egg porridge with vegetables for delicious and nutritious baby food!

firstHow healthy are chicken eggs?

Eggs are food Provides plenty of protein and is easily absorbed. Chicken eggs contain calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and a large amount of vitamins A, D, E, B1, B6, B12,… very good for our health, especially children. However also Don’t feed your baby too much Because of the high fat content in eggs, baby stomach bloating, indigestion.

How healthy are chicken eggs?How healthy are chicken eggs?

2Egg porridge cooked with what vegetables is both delicious and good for your baby’s health?

1. Egg and tomato porridge

Tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients that are good for children’s health 100g tomatoes contains about 94.78g water, 1.16g protein, 3.18g carbohydrate, 5mg calcium, 0.9g fiber and 16 kcal of energy. Besides, thanks to the amount Abundant alpha-carotene and beta-carotene should close important role in vision development baby’s. Vitamin K help strengthen bonesvitamin C helps A healthy immune system fights disease.

Egg and tomato porridge

2. Chicken egg porridge, beef, shiitake mushrooms

Beef is so nutritious that everyone knows it, and mushrooms are food Rich in protein, contains many essential amino acids for body. However, it is not because of that that it is possible to completely replace meat, fish, eggs, … with mushrooms for the baby. Babies need to eat both animal and vegetable proteins to ensure a rich protein content.

Chicken egg porridge with beef and mushrooms

3. Cabbage egg porridge

Nutritional composition and amount of vitamins in cabbage 4.5 times more than carrots and 3.6 times more than potatoes. In addition, vitamins A and P in cabbage combine to make more stable blood vessels.

Cabbage egg porridge

4. Egg porridge with lotus seeds and carrots

The high amount of beta-carotene in carrots will help children’s eyes bright and sharp. In addition, eating a lot of carrots also helps relieve constipation. In addition to helping the baby have a good night sleep Moreover, lotus seeds also support the baby Good development of the musculoskeletal system.

Egg porridge with lotus seeds and carrots

5. Chicken egg red bean porridge

Red beans are one of the top nutritious seeds that are very beneficial to human health and are especially good for pregnant women and children. With 1 cup of cooked red beans, your baby will get almost 1/2 daily fiber requirement Helps the digestive system develop better.

Chicken egg red bean porridge

3Note when feeding children egg porridge

Mothers can give their children eggs from about 6 months old But you need to eat the right amount. Depending on the age, the mother gives the baby eggs in different amounts:

– Children 6-7 months old: eat 2-3 meals/week, eat 1/2 yolk/meal.

– Children 8-12 months old: eat 3-4 meals/week, eat 1 yolk/meal.

– Children 1-2 years old: eat 3-4 eggs / week, can eat whole whites.

– Children from 2 years old and above: can eat 1 egg/day.

With babies under 1 year old then Only give your baby egg yolks because it contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the baby. And egg whites have a high protein content that can cause allergies, so mothers should avoid giving them egg whites until they are about 1 year old.

With babies overweightMothers often abstain from eggs for babies – this is the concept totally wrong Because for children under 2 years old, they need an abundant source of nutrients to grow, including fat and cholesterol. Therefore, foods containing fat and cholesterol are useful for babies, including overweight babies.

For children with cardiovascular diseases such as congenital heart disease, open heart valve, etc. mothers should Limit your child’s eggs Because eggs are high in cholesterol, they can easily affect children’s diseases.

Above are some sharing about the experience of cooking egg porridge with vegetables for babies to eat. Hopefully after reading this, you can confidently cook egg porridge for your baby!

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