Suddenly one fine day, your water source is cloudy so you can’t use it, but you don’t know how to handle it. Learn a few ways to deal with cloudy water in this article.

firstWait for the dirt to settle

You pour water full of water into a large bucket, then you wait a period of time for dirt settles to the bottom. You scoop up the clean water above into another bucket to use, remove the residual water at the bottom.

2Use alum

Pick up water into a bucket of water, you use alum and stir well, dirt will be settled to the bottom faster, you can use clean water and discard the residual water.

3Use a towel to filter

You use a towel, then cover the faucet. The towel will have a mission filter, retain the dirt. The towel should be removed and changes often for better filtering.

4Use a domestic water purifier

The better and safer solution is to use domestic water purifier. Filters and filters will help Removes many impurities and bacteria more effective. Helping you have clean water, using it will be much more secure.

Water is essential for our daily life. If the water source is unfortunately cloudy or has any problems, you need to find quick solutions to handle it to ensure the safety of the health of everyone in the family.