As a girlfriend, if you have used tampons, you will already know that there are differences in size, most notably in the length of the tape, for both products in the same brand or products of other manufacturers. together. See how to choose tampons by size!

Depending on the amount of menstrual blood and the clothes, the movement needs of the body … that women need to have a way to choose sanitary napkins appropriately. One of the factors to consider is the size of the tampon, which affects not only absorbency, but also comfort, safety and sophistication for users in any outfit.

firstWhy choose sanitary napkins by size?

Normally, the absorbent core of tampons will be located along the length of the bandage, and about 1 – 2.5 cm shorter than the bandage length.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of tampons to ensure that the absorbent core is “good” enough to quickly and neatly absorb liquid, avoid spills, and avoid problems.

2How to choose tampons by size

There is no significant difference in length between the types Sanitary napkins for daytime use. They are usually designed in about 23 – 25 cmenough to safely absorb and keep the privacy of women in the form of costumes.

When using tampons for the day, depending on how much and less of the day, women change between thick or thin tampons to stay more comfortable and confident.

As for night sanitary napkinsFor the purpose of preventing ice spills and keeping women safe while sleeping, they are often designed to be longer, with the body of the bandage hugging the vaginal area, the width hugging the bottom of the buttocks, ensuring to prevent liquid from spilling from the face. bandages in different sleeping positions.

The minimum length for nighttime tampons should be 29 cm, the usual night band length is between 33 – 35 cm. For many nights, you choose an extra-long 42cm tampon to bring the highest peace of mind to women in the “red dream nights”.

If you often exercise vigorously, move constantly, to be safer when using daytime tampons, you can choose to use nighttime tampons with a length of 28 – 30 cm for peace of mind.

3Is it enough just to pay attention to the length of the armband?

In fact, women have different bust sizes, and different styles of underwear. Therefore, in addition to the length of the tampon, the shape of the bandage should also be chosen in accordance with the style of underwear used so that the bandage can be fixed better, working more effectively.

The information is not too strange, but it is not superfluous for women to refer to, especially for girls in the period of starting to get acquainted with tampons. No matter what day it is, you will confidently live like yourself when you choose the right tampon product!