Height growth for children is always the top concern of many mothers. However, do you know which foods can help children have a higher height after birth? Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH!

Nutrition of mother and baby during pregnancy is something that needs attention and attention. So add the following foods to help your child grow taller faster:

first Nuts

  Nuts Nuts

The calcium content in nuts such as walnuts, peas, and sesame seeds contributes to strong skeletal muscle, you should only add nuts in moderation, avoid eating too much because there will be excess energy.

2 Sweet potato

Sweet potato

The amazing health benefits of sweet potatoes are well known. This food contains many vitamins, especially vitamin A, which supports the development of the baby’s skin and eyes. Besides, vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes reduces morning sickness symptoms of pregnant women. Moreover, sweet potatoes also provide vitamin C to help mothers absorb more iron.

3 Orange


Citrus fruits have long been famous for their vitamin C composition. This nutrient promotes the development of teeth and bone cells of mother and baby. Like sweet potatoes, oranges provide vitamin C to help pregnant women absorb iron to effectively fight anemia. A glass of orange juice a day is a good choice for pregnant women!

4 Tofu


Tofu contains many nutrients that are good for the growth of children such as iron, magnesium, and calcium. Therefore, in order for the fetus to develop comprehensively during and after pregnancy, pregnant women should add this nutritious dish to the daily menu. In addition, vitamins A and K in tofu are also effective assistants, supporting the mother’s blood clotting process after birth.

5 Spinach


Spinach is an indispensable food for pregnant women. Lutein contained in this vegetable is good for the eye development of mother and baby. Besides, pregnant women should prepare many dishes from spinach to supplement vitamins A, B, calcium and folate during pregnancy.

6 Yogurt


To develop bones for children, pregnant mothers should eat a lot of yogurt to absorb probiotics and calcium. In addition, yogurt also helps strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive system and blood sugar levels. Especially, if pregnant women have symptoms of constipation during pregnancy, eating yogurt is an effective solution.

7 Brown rice

Brown rice

Being overweight during pregnancy is always a concern of many women. So, how to eat just enough but still provide many nutrients for the baby is a question that pregnant mothers often ask. Brown rice is the right answer to this question. Mothers can replace brown rice in daily meals. This type of food not only helps the fetus develop but also limits the uncontrolled weight gain of pregnant women.

In addition to the foods that are both good for mothers and improve children’s height in the above article, please comment below to share with Phunudaily other beneficial foods!

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