When pregnant, most think about drinking milk and how to drink the best milk, with the most vitamins. However, not everyone can drink pregnant milk, especially those who are in the morning and can’t smell milk. So what should you do if you can’t drink pregnant milk?

Is it mandatory to drink milk during pregnancy?

With advertisements and media information, many mothers still believe that drinking pregnant milk is the best way to help their baby grow smart and develop, even many mothers think that drinking pregnant milk is the only way to get pregnant. Children receive comprehensive care.

Is it mandatory to drink milk during pregnancy?Is it mandatory to drink milk during pregnancy?

However, in fact, according to many researchers, Drinking improperly or inappropriately drinking milk can cause allergies, difficulty in digestion, in many cases, a doctor must be consulted by choosing milk with ingredients that are not suitable for the mother’s condition. Pregnancy can also be dangerous to the unborn baby…

Drinking milk during pregnancy can cause allergies if it is not suitable for you

In fact, A pregnant mother only needs to use 250ml of milk a day to provide enough nutrients for her babyIf used excessively, it may cause obesity in the fetus, large fetus or even cause blood sugar diseases, many potential diseases, etc.

What to do when you can’t drink milk?

When you can’t drink pregnant milk, you need to know that we can use substitute foods. More specifically, you just need to add foods that provide vitamins A, D, calcium, iron, …, vitamins needed for pregnant women in the meal, when ensuring adequate supply of these substances, you was able to help the baby develop well.

Can you use fresh milk instead of pregnant milk?

Some specific suggestions for pregnant women when they cannot use breast milk are using yogurt, fresh milk, These are two foods that help provide nutrition to the fetus, support digestion, and prevent weight gain during pregnancy. Every day, mothers only need to use two boxes of yogurt or use two boxes of fresh milk to ensure nutrition for the fetus.

All foods can help you provide enough nutrients

Besides, soy milk is also a calcium-rich food that cannot be ignored, in addition, soy milk also helps to supplement fiber, limit stretch marks, jaundice for pregnant women.

Complete nutritional supplement for pregnant women

One of the important foods pregnant mothers should know is seafood, using fish, shrimp, snails or clams and oysters is also a way to supplement calcium and folic acid.…However, pregnant women should carefully recycle to avoid infection when using seafood.

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In addition, fresh meats, livers, vegetables, and fruits also provide minerals and nutrients. Thus, without drinking milk, pregnant mothers can still ensure good care for their babies during pregnancy. If you can’t drink milk, rest assured and choose the best foods for yourself. Let’s take care of health with Bach Hoa Xanh with good and useful experiences.

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