Diarrhea in children is quite common disease, children’s diet is very important to help them recover quickly. So what should you feed your baby and what should he not eat when he has diarrhea?

Children with diarrhea will be very dangerous, if mothers do not pay attention to care and have a proper diet, it is very easy to lose water and minerals seriously, even leading to more serious diseases. What should the baby eat to quickly stop the diarrhea? And what should be avoided? Let’s find out right here.

firstWhat should babies eat with diarrhea?

Baby with diarrhea: what should and shouldn't eat?

The first important thing for mothers to note when young children have diarrhea is children must be rehydrated. Mothers can give children drink cooled boiled water, coconut water, breast milk. In there Breast milk is the best because they contain full of nutrients and Bifidus – helps to balance the intestinal environment.

According to the doctor’s advice, should give children coconut water Because in addition to adding water to the body, coconut water also has many nutrients that are very good for the health of children.

For children Use soft, liquid, easy-to-digest food such as lean meat porridge cooked with vegetables, chicken soup, stewed potatoes, etc.

Apple Steamed or stewed is a good choice for children with diarrhea. Because they contain high levels of potassium, they help the body recover quickly and are easy to digest.

In addition, to supplement nutrition, mothers can give children some fruits that are good for digestion such as bananas, apples, sapodilla. But eating in moderation should not eat too much will not be good for children.

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2Children with diarrhea should not eat?

Baby with diarrhea: what should and shouldn't eat?

Reduce high protein foods Like meat and fish, high protein will make it difficult for children to digest and absorb nutrients.

Types sweet confectionery, Carbonated beverage Lots of sugar and processed foods.

Restricting children to use high fiber food such as nuts: peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, … Still need to give children green vegetables in moderate amounts.

3Measures to prevent diarrhea in children

Baby with diarrhea: what should and shouldn't eat?

Always clean, Keep the house, toys and space around children clean. Make the space always cool, comfortable, open the door to let sunlight into the room.

Grow kids by mom milk If possible, use formula milk as a supplement.

Always for children drink boiled, cooled water, do not drink water.

Vaccination adequate child protection.

Diarrhea is a dangerous disease in children, so mothers need to know what to feed their children and what not to eat to help them recover quickly and provide adequate nutrients for the best development of the baby.

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