Southern Star: Different Types of Condensed Milk

Phuong Nam Star Milk is a condensed creamer milk product with sugar and cream on the milk surface, produced by Vinamilk dairy company.

Southern Star Milk offers 4 types, each distinguished by color: blue, green, orange, and red. Each product has unique nutritional content, so it is essential to read the packaging information before making a purchase.

1Southern Star Condensed Ice Cream Blue Box

The Blue Southern Star Condensed Ice Cream is one of the two types that contains the highest number of calories (336.4 kcal) and 47.2% sugar. What sets this milk apart is the addition of salt to create a new taste.

The Blue Southern Star Condensed Milk costs approximately 17,000 VND per 380g can.

2Southern Star Condensed Milk Green Box

The Green Southern Star Condensed Cream is another type with the same calorie content as the blue milk (336.4 kcal) and a sugar content of 47.2%. It is considered the sweetest among the different types.

The Green Southern Star Condensed Milk costs approximately 17,500 VND per 380g can.

3Southern Star Condensed Milk Orange Box

This type of condensed milk has a lower calorie content compared to the others, with 335.6 kcal and 47% sugar composition. It is suitable for those who prefer moderate sweetness.

The Southern Star Condensed Cream Orange Box costs approximately 18,000 VND per 380g can.

4Red Southern Star Condensed Milk

The Red Southern Star Condensed Ice Cream is made with vegetable oil fat ingredients and contains no cholesterol. It is ideal for the elderly or those who need to limit their intake of animal fats.

We hope this information helps you choose a suitable milk based on your taste preferences.

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