Just search for 3D Mask mask and there are immediately 2 million results for this mask. What makes this mask so special that so many people buy it?

With the current level of air pollution, wearing a mask is a must do every time we participate in circulation.

But popular masks often have problems such as easy to slip, easy to open or too tight, making the wearer feel very uncomfortable, just want to take it off for comfort.

Moreover, for women, wearing a mask to wash away lipstick doesn’t like it at all. That’s why many people look to Unicharm 3D Mask. So what is special about this mask, let’s find out below.

first3D design hugs the edge of the face

Unicharm 3D Mask with a smart 3D design that fits the face. Besides, the strap with elastic and soft material, does not cause pain and discomfort when used.

2Multi-layer structure effectively blocks dust

The product has a high-density multi-layer filter structure to help prevent dust, pollen in the air, and protect users’ health.

Besides, thanks to the intelligent 3D structure, the edges of the face are hugged tightly, making it difficult for polluted air to enter even if the user is in a heavy dusty environment or driving a car.

3Breathe easily without fear of lipstick drift

A question arises whether such a tight design is difficult to breathe? The answer is no. Although designed to embrace the edges, it still creates extreme comfort. Besides, the 3D Mask is still limited to washing away your lipstick, which normal medical masks can’t do, causing your lipstick to drift continuously.

4Types of 3D Masks

Unicharm 3D Mask has 3 types: 3D Mask Superfit, 3D Mask Virus Block, 3D Mask Kids.

3D Mask Superfit

This is the most popular product line of 3D masks, with the ability to hug the face but still create comfort for the user.

3D Mask Superfit product is being sold in a pack of 5 for 16,000 VND.

3D Mask Virus Block

3D Mask Virus Block is a high-end mask with a multi-layer structure that helps prevent dust, pollen and blocks 99% of viruses in the air.

The product is sold in a package of 5 with the price of 25,000 VND.

3D Mask Kids

3D Mask Kids is a product line for children, with a suitable size for children, protecting children safely from dust and pollution.

The product is sold in a pack of 3 with the price of 12,000 VND.