Massage is very good for the comprehensive development of the newborn baby. Oil massage helps moms easily manipulate, and the aroma of massage oil also helps babies relax more. Many mothers still wonder which massage oil to choose for their baby? Natural vegetable oil

Natural vegetable oils have the advantages of being safe and penetrating into the skin quickly, with little fragrance and impurities, so they are very suitable for children’s delicate skin. The types of vegetable oils that can be used for baby massage are: coconut oil, almond oilolive oil, etc. Because these oils are completely natural, you need to pay attention to preserve them well to avoid mold.

Among the vegetable oils for baby massage, coconut oil is the most widely used. Not only easy to find, pleasant fragrance, coconut oil also has the ability to improve moisture on baby’s skin.

Among the vegetable oils for baby massage, coconut oil is the most widely used.

Mineral oil specially formulated for babies

Mineral oil is also a very good infant massage oil. Mineral oil is prepared from petroleum and has little risk of mold, can be used for a long time and still ensures safety. Today, mineral oils specifically for babies are produced and bottled very conveniently.

Note that when using mineral oil to massage your baby, you should only Use a moderate amount, do not choose fragrances if your baby’s skin is irritated or too dry. Besides, you should also pay attention to choose products of reputable brands, carefully read the instructions and pay attention to the expiration date.

When choosing mineral oil for baby massage, you should choose products of reputable brands.

Vegetable oils high in polyunsaturated fats

If your baby’s skin is too dry or sensitive, regular massage oils can irritate your baby’s skin. In this case, you should pay attention to choose carefully and should choose vegetable oils that are high in polyunsaturated fats.

Vegetable oils high in polyunsaturated fats are oils high in linoleic acid, which help protect the skin barrier with a very mild formula. Vegetable oils that contain high levels of linoleic acid can be used for babies sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and safflower seed oil.

If you have carefully selected a gentle massage oil and your baby’s skin is still itchy, painful or flaky, you must stop and see your baby’s doctor immediately. Do not apply massage oil on the baby’s nose, eyes, navel and ears. It is best to test for irritation before using a massage oil.

Sunflower seed oil helps protect the skin barrier with its very mild formula.

Massage oils to avoid

If your baby has dry, sensitive, eczema or easily irritated skin, you Do not use mustard oil, avocado oil and olive oil. The high amount of oleic acid in these oils can make your baby’s skin dry and flaky. Tea tree oil and chamomile oil are also not suitable for babiesespecially children with sensitive skin. According to experts, you should wash your baby’s skin after massage to reduce irritation.

Avocado oil can easily make your baby's skin dry and flaky.

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand what oils should and should not be used to massage your baby. Let’s read more useful articles on Bach Hoa XANH!

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