You want to choose cereal for breakfast but don’t know which is best. Then don’t ignore the good breakfast cereals shared in the article below, they will definitely not disappoint you.

Cereal is a food that is synthesized by 5 different types of seeds. With a rich content of fiber and essential minerals, cereals add a lot of energy to the body, strengthen resistance, prevent harmful bacteria and common colds. In addition, the cellulose component in this food can inhibit excess cholesterol in the body, create a feeling of fullness for a long time, maintain shape and support weight loss extremely effectively.

There are thousands of different brands of cereal on the market today. They are diverse in design, flavor and price, so consumers have a lot of hesitation in choosing. Understanding that, in today’s article, I will introduce you to extremely good breakfast cereals, follow along.

firstKellogg’s Frosties Corn Flavor

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

Is an item made in ThailandKellogg’s Frosties corn flavor gradually won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers because of its delicious taste and high nutritional value.

The main ingredients that make this product are cornstarch and malt, so it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and abundant folic acid.

Using Kellogg’s Frosties cereal for breakfast, you can be completely assured of the amount of nutrition it provides. for body.

The current product price is about: 49,900 / 175g box.

2Nestlé Milo Chocolate Flavored Cereal

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

Milo is one of the subsidiaries of the Nestle group in Switzerland. After many years of being introduced to the Vietnamese market, this brand has gradually gained a lot of favor in the hearts of consumers.

Referring to Milo, it is necessary to mention the barley drink that “storms” at supermarkets, grocery stores, .. And recently, this brand also launched Nestlé Milo chocolate-flavored cereal of good quality. least.

This cereal Made from whole grains, it contains vitamin B3, vitamin B5, iron, calcium, … extremely abundant, adding a lot of resistance to the body, helping teeth and bones develop strong.

The outstanding advantage of this product is that it is very low in fat, so you can safely use it without having to worry about weight problems.

The current product price is about: 51,000 / 170g box.

3Nestlé Koko Krunch Chocolate Flavored Cereal

Another product from Nestle breakfast cereal, Nestlé Koko Krunch chocolate cereal is also highly appreciated by consumers.

The main ingredients in this cereal are whole grain floursThis compound is considered to be lower in fat and sugar than other breakfast foods.

Not only that, this product also adds many essential vitamins to the body such as vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, … to help metabolize energy and prevent deficiency in the body.

The current product price is about: 80,000 / box of 330g.

4Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Canned Corn

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes canned corn is a product produced by Thai technology. The plus point for this product is its sweet aroma and attractive delicious taste.

The main source of raw materials to make the product is carefully cultivated and selected When eating, it does not create a feeling of nausea, but on the contrary, it also adds many nutrients Essential and beneficial to the body.

The current product price is about: 93,000/box of 500g.

5Kellogg’s Mueslix Harvest Fruit Cereal

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

Because of the combination of 5 grains and dried fruit, Kellogg’s Mueslix Harvest Fruit dry fruit cereal contains an extremely rich content of essential nutrients.

Sweet fruit taste with moderate fat of cerealsall blend together to create the characteristic flavor of the product.

When using this cereal for breakfast, you do not need to worry about lack of nutrients or loss of strength because it will provide the body with a high content of vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, calcium, .. rich, replenishing a strong source of energy for the whole morning.

The current product price is about: 100,000 / 375g box.

6Quaker Cruesli chocolate cereal

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

As a brand new product in the Vietnamese market, Quaker Cruesli chocolate cereal has gradually won the hearts of consumers by New taste, bold characteristics of Dutch technology.

The mild bitter taste, crispy aroma of the product is made from quality dark chocolate bars, so when you eat it, you will feel a different taste, not fat and cause a feeling of boredom like regular chocolates.

Most of the product is soluble fiber, so it will help the body reduce excess cholesterol in the blood, prevent cardiovascular diseases and lose weight effectively.

The current product price is about: 215,000/box of 500g.

7Calbee Dry Cereal Cake

Delicious, nutritious and delicious sleeping cups for breakfast

Japan is known as the country of innovation and modern technology. For that reason, products from Phu Tang country always win the trust of most consumers around the world.

And Calbee dry cereal is no exception, with Rich in fiber content, this is a highly appreciated product in supporting the digestive system and prevent high cholesterol in the blood.

Type This cereal is dried from nutritious fruits like oats, barley, apples, almonds, pumpkins,.. should be suitable for all users.

The current product price is about: 230,000 / 800g bag.

Notes when choosing to buy breakfast cereals:

  • The first element to Choose to buy nutritious, healthy cerealsthat is, you should choose products with reputable brands at reliable shopping addresses to avoid buying fake goods, poor quality goods that are harmful to health.
  • Besides, when choosing products, you also should observe the ingredients printed on the packaging. A good breakfast cereal will be made from 100% whole grains and has at least 5g of fiber and 3g of protein to ensure enough energy and nutrients for the body.
  • Milk and cereal are a perfect combination. However, it would be much better if you Replace regular milk with skim milk or unsweetened fresh milk. Because cereals already contain essential fats and sugars for the body, change the type of milk to balance your diet.

Hopefully, the products that I have shared can help you choose to buy a good cereal that suits your taste to replenish abundant energy for an active morning.