Trick or Treat or Giving candy or being teased is a Halloween custom. Children will go to each house to ask for candy (treat), otherwise they will perform mischief (trick).

Knock on your neighbor’s door, then wait for them to open the door and scream “trick or treat” roughly translates to “give candy or be teased” It is a game that many children love during Halloween. However, the truth is that not everyone understands the meaning, as well as the origin of this interesting game. Let’s find out together with Bach Hoa XANH in the following article.

first What is Trick or Treat?

Why say Trick or Treat on Halloween?

According to Dictionary, the origin of the saying “Trick or Treat” dates back to medieval times, but it was not a practice for children as it is today. In the past, the poor would go begging for food on October 31. In response, they will pray for the departed souls on All Souls’ Day, which falls on November 2 (All Souls’ Day). Today’s Trick or Treat is a variation on the ancient practice.

According to the Dictionary, the origin of the saying "Trick or Treat" dating back to the Middle AgesAccording to the Dictionary, the origin of the saying “Trick or Treat” dates back to medieval times

Trick or Treat game origin

During Halloween, children go in groups, knocking on doors in the neighborhood and saying “give me candy or get teased”. If the landlord Do not want children to be naughty and disruptive, have to treat them with candy, snacks or fruit.

Children are Dress up as superheroes, princesses and horror characters. Pumpkin lanterns and candy bags are also indispensable items when begging for candy on Halloween.

The custom “Give candy or be teased” popularized in the US in the late 1950s. The Families often decorate the entrance to their private house with pumpkins and effigies. Candies are left in pots in front of the house or given directly by the host for little children.

Trick or Treat game originTrick or Treat game origin

Meaning of the game Give candy or be teased

Americans think that Children in Halloween costumes are playing dead souls. Therefore, giving candy on Halloween is also a way to share food with these spirits.

Traditionally, When children knock on the door to ask for candy, if the host is not welcoming, the children often play mischief and make fun of the owner. However, this tradition has gradually change over time. Now, Families who want to give candy usually have a notice board in advance and families that don’t participate give candynor do you have to worry about them coming to disturb you like before.

Meaning of the game Give candy or be teasedMeaning of the game Give candy or be teased

Trick or Treat in some countries

  • In North America, trick-or-treat has become a traditional Halloween custom.
  • Scotland and Ireland, guising – disguised to beg for candy.
  • In Spain, guising is called calaverita (small skull) and instead of “trick or treat”, the children ask “me da mi calaverita (“can you give me my little skull?”); calaverita is a small skull made of sugar or chocolate.

Trick or Treat in some countriesTrick or Treat in some countries

2 How to play Trick or Treat

How to play Trick or Treat is quite simple, you just need prepare yourself a costume, Halloween candy bag (cloth bag or made of gutted pumpkin), Later gather together and go to knock on the doors of lighted houses. When people When the host opens the door, shout “Trick or Treat” in unison to get the host to give you candy. After the host gives them candy, you can sing them a funny song often used during Halloween.

In Vietnam, not every family plays Halloween. To be polite you should Find out before you play Please. In addition, during Halloween, there are also many other games that you can refer to to play with friends or organize for children in the family to play.

How to play Trick or TreatHow to play Trick or Treat

Above is the information related to the game Trick or Treat, Phunudaily wishes you a happy Halloween with your family and loved ones. Read the next articles from Bach Hoa XANH to get more useful information!