Diana is a well-known brand of sanitary napkins that caters to women of all ages. Finding the right Diana tampon for each phase of the menstrual cycle is easy. Take a look at the various types of Diana tampons available:

1. Daytime Sanitary Napkins: Diana offers a wide range of daytime sanitary napkins, each with its own design and style. These napkins are designed to provide utmost comfort and confidence to women in any situation. The main brands in this product line include:
– Diana Super Absorbent: This brand has excellent absorbency and features a unique “smooth edge” to prevent leakage. It also uses Nano silver antibacterial technology to keep the skin safe and prevent odors. Product options include Diana 4teen, Diana Super Absorbent Super Ultra Slim 0.1, Diana Super Absorbent Maxi, and Diana Super Absorbent Ultra Slim.
– Diana Sensi: These napkins have a microfiber cotton surface with a wavy design, ensuring excellent absorption and breathability. They provide a dry and comfortable feeling, giving women the confidence they need. Quick absorption and leak-locking properties make them suitable for heavy flows.
– Diana Cool Fresh: Along with their super absorbency and anti-leak edges, Diana Cool Fresh napkins have a cool and refreshing surface with Ice Cool technology. They provide a comfortable and refreshing sensation even on hot days. Diana Cool Fresh products include Diana Super Absorbent Cool Fresh and Diana Sensi Cool Fresh.
– Diana Libera: Designed with a fast-absorbing mesh and anti-leak grooves, Diana Libera napkins are a safe choice for women during their period. Product options include Diana Libera Extra Dry, Diana Libera Super Absorbent Ultra Thin, and Diana Libera Super Absorbent Maxi.
– Diana Mama: These are special napkins for postpartum mothers. They have a wingless design and are 44.5 cm long, ensuring effective absorption and comfort. With elastic walls on both sides, they prevent leaks, allowing mothers to take care of their babies without worry.

2. Diana Nighttime Tampons: In addition to providing comfort and confidence during the day, Diana also offers nighttime tampons that are longer and more absorbent. They are designed to provide effective protection and comfort during sleep. Some options include:

– Night Sensi: These tampons have a soft cotton top with an ultra-breathable ripple design. They come in lengths of 29 cm, 35 cm, and 42 cm.
– Diana Super Night: With a soft silk mesh surface, Diana Super Night tampons give a soft and dry feeling to the skin. They are available in lengths of 29 cm, 35 cm, and 42 cm.
– Diana Sensi Night Band Pants: These tampons have a 2-in-1 design that combines underwear and a night band structure. They have anti-leak walls, soft and dry fabric, and are easy to change. They come in size SM for 80 cm – 95 cm hips and size ML for 90 cm – 105 cm hips.

3. Daily Sanitary Napkins: Diana also offers sanitary napkins for days with light flow and white discharge. These products are designed to provide comfort and confidence during those times. Some options include:

– Daily Sensi: This brand offers Diana Sensi Daily Antibacterial, which has an antibacterial soft cotton surface. It prevents odors with the help of silver Nano antibacterial technology. There is also Diana Sensi Daily Slim, which has a soft cotton surface with a breathable ripple design, making it thin and discreet. For a refreshing experience, Diana Super Absorbent Everyday is available with a mesh design and a relaxing spa scent.

4. Imported Diana Sanitary Napkins: Along with locally produced Diana products, Diana also offers imported sanitary napkins to cater to a wider range of customers. Some brands include:

– Sofy Air Fit Slim: These imported ultra-thin and light sanitary napkins have a fast and abundant microfiber surface with an exclusive wavy design. They reduce skin contact and keep the skin dry, soft, and breathable.
– Sofy Skin Comfort: These imported sanitary napkins are ultra-soft with a breathable, soft, wavy microfiber cotton surface. They have options of 23 cm – 26 cm for day use and 29 cm – 36 cm with anti-leak grooves on both sides for night use.
– Sofy Tampon Super Soft: Designed for stylish girls, these tampons have a rod-shaped design for direct absorption from the vagina. They provide confidence even during activities like exercise and swimming.

If you have any questions about purchasing or using Diana tampons, here are some frequently asked questions:

– How much do Diana sanitary napkins cost?
– How can I identify fake Diana tampons? Look for features such as packaging, backing paper, shape, and tampon surface.
– Where can I buy genuine Diana tampons at a good price? You can purchase Diana tampons from genuine Unicharm stores on platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki. Alternatively, you can visit Phunudaily to buy guaranteed genuine products.

Diana’s products aim to provide confidence, comfort, and dynamism for modern girls. There is a suitable product for every style and personality.