3 am is the time when everyone is fast asleep, but at the intersection of Cao Thang – Tran Nhat Duat, there are busy people queuing just to… wait to buy bread from the ancestors. So how delicious is this bread that makes people wait so patiently? Let’s find out through this article.

What is ancestral bread? Are there any interesting

The original bread of the ancestors was often served to young people in Ha Thanh who often went out late or traders who had to stay up late and get up early., but thanks to the special way of processing, this bread has become hot sauce, many people come to buy and try. Even, Food bloggers and stars like Toc Tien, Dino Vu, Ninh Nito, .. also compete to review and try this dish..

Many people wonder why they have to wait from 3 am just to buy bread, because bread is always available. However, the difference that makes the craze is that the people’s bread has a very own recipe.

With ordinary bread, ingredients such as meat, pate, eggs, … are sandwiched in pieces one by one, but the traditional bread is made by stir-frying all the fillings together.

That means the Ingredients including meat, sausages, pate, sausages, sausages, beef jerky, … are put in the same pan and then sautéed with butter to increase the fat. and eggs are also beaten to stir-fry to create a very fragrant and attractive mixture.

The stuffing after stir-frying will be put inside the bread that has been sandwiched with salad. Crispy bread, mixed with a thick, fatty, aromatic filling that creates a strange taste is the reason why many people love it, willing to wait from 3 am.

With the recent hot situation, the owner has to stir-fry the filling on a large pan, but it is still only enough for about 10 breads, so the waiting time to buy is quite long. Many of you have to queue for more than 2 hours to get your turn. Those who come earlier also have to wait from 1 to 1.5 hours to be able to buy.

If you read this far and you start to feel curious about the taste of this bread, then the only way is to get up early because the shop only sells from 3am to about 7am. The shop is located at the intersection of Cao Thang – Tran Nhat Nhuat, so from 3am this area is already very busy!