How many months old can children eat frog porridge and cook frog porridge with vegetables which is the most delicious and nutritious? Check out the article to know more!

Mothers must all know how healthy frog meat is and everyone wants to add frog meat to their baby’s diet. So how many months old can babies eat frogs and cook frog porridge with vegetables that are both easy to eat and nutritious? Read on to find out the answer.

firstHow healthy is frog meat?

Frog meat is white, lean and delicious as chicken, with a rich nutritional composition including protein, sugar, fat, a variety of minerals and calcium help provide enough nutrients for the body, especially malnourished children because in 1 frog leg contains 73g calories (equivalent to 1 chicken thigh 44g).

According to Oriental medicine, frog meat Good for babies who are sweaty, lazy to eat, weak and sick. Since ancient times, people in folk have known to use frog meat to supplement for children with rickets and malnutrition. Children are often sick in the summer heat rash, boils, itching sores, fussiness, restless sleep were also fed frog meat.

Fog meat

2What vegetables are cooked with frog porridge that is both delicious and good for your baby’s health?

Fog meat not indifferent to any vegetables so mothers can freely create their own dishes as long as they are delicious for children. Here are 5 ways to cook frog porridge with vegetables that are both delicious and nutritious for your baby:

1. Frog porridge cooked with bok choy

In bok choy contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K Contributes a lot to the process of building and developing strong bones for children. The amount of selenium in bok choy also helps Stimulate the child’s immune system to work better when infected with bacteria.

In bok choy, there is also abundant beta-carotene help children’s eyes bright and sharp. Adding bok choy will help The baby’s digestive process is favorable and helps prevent constipation.

In particular, this type of cabbage is also rich in choline – an important and versatile nutrient Help children sleep well, increase memory and learning ability.

Frog porridge cooked with bok choy

2. Frog porridge cooked with lotus seeds

Beyond the use Help your baby have a deeper sleeplotus seeds also support the baby Good development of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, adding lotus seeds to your baby’s diet will help cooling bodyBesides, the important mineral components in lotus seeds will help your baby good development of nerves and brain.

Because lotus seeds are big, you should pay attention when processing them minced or pureed make it easier for your baby to eat.

Frog porridge cooked with lotus seeds

3. Pumpkin Frog Porridge

Winter melon is a great food for your baby’s health because it contains a large amount of vitamins A and C Brighten your eyes and strengthen your immune system. In addition, squash also works prevent and treat some diseases such as constipation, reduce inflammation, reduce cough in young children.

Pumpkin is a top cool vegetable, so mothers can also squeeze squash juice for babies to drink.

Frog porridge cooked with squash

4. Frog porridge cooked with green beans

Similar to squash, green beans are also rich in protein and fiber Improve children’s digestive system, prevent constipation. In addition, with abundant vitamin A content will help your baby have healthy bright eyes. Green beans also have many good uses, but mothers should not add too much green beans to children because it can make them difficult to digest.

Frog porridge cooked with green beans

5. Frog porridge cooked with spinach

Spinach has healing properties cooling, cooling the body. Eating spinach will help Very good laxative and constipation treatment Because it contains a lot of fiber, mucus is good for the digestive system.

Moreover, with the large amount of folate in spinach Essential for the development of the child’s nervous system. The entire leaf and stem of the coriander plant are rich in vitamin A help bright eyes.

Frog porridge cooked with spinach

3Note when cooking frog porridge for babies

Mothers who have experience in raising children share, children from the 10th month You can eat frog porridge. In order for the baby to eat easily, the mother should puree porridgeand when the baby is older, they can practice giving them whole grain porridge and chopped frog meat.

In addition, when buying, you should choose fresh frogs at the market and ask the seller Skin removal, organ removal then bring it home Rub the frog meat with salt thoroughly then rinse. When making frog meat, you should also pay attention Only take meat from two parts of the frog’s thighs to prevent meat from getting mixed with bones that can cause choking for children.

Nutritionist, doctor Dao Thi Yen Thuy also recommends: “Frog meat is very good for malnourished children, but to be safe, when eating, it is necessary to clean the intestines, separate the tendons only on the frog’s thighs (they are the blood vessels or muscle tendons of the frog, but they are easily confused with the larva). worms, so it’s better to kill them by mistake than to miss them) and cook them thoroughly to limit the worms.”

Frog meat is very good for health if prepared properly. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can know more about the uses of frog meat and how to cook frog porridge with vegetables so that it is attractive to children!

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