There are many brands of laundry detergent for babies on the market today, so choose which type of laundry detergent is suitable for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH in the article below!

Criteria for choosing safe washing water for babies


The scent of baby laundry detergent should be gentle, natural, not a synthetic fragrance from chemicals to avoid irritating the baby when used.

Choose laundry detergent with a mild scent so as not to irritate your baby

Fabric softener

Babies’ skin is quite delicate, so the conditioner needs to soften the baby’s clothes, making them comfortable to wear.

Baby's skin is quite fragile, so moms need to choose laundry detergent that softens fabrics to protect baby's skin

Note the ingredients

Baby laundry detergent contains as few chemical ingredients as possible, it is best to choose products of organic origin or extracted from natural, benign ingredients when used on babies and children’s skin. .

When choosing laundry detergent for children, pay attention to the ingredients


Babies’ clothes are often only stained with milk or sweat… experience from mothers-to-be shared, there is no need to choose products with high detergent, but instead just choose products. Mild detergent, low neutrality.

Choose laundry detergent with low neutral detergent

Choose a line of baby laundry detergent products that have been tested for safety

Parents who choose laundry detergent for their baby’s clothes should note that the product must be dermatologically tested by experts. This will be safe for your baby’s skin, without irritation or itching.

Choose a washing liquid with a safety certificate

Choose trusted brands

Baby laundry detergent in Vietnam market are mainly products of foreign origin with many reputable brands trusted in the host country and many countries around the world. It is possible to list a few familiar and popular brands such as D-nee, Pureen, Sleek, Komodo,…

D-nee originated from Thailand with natural ingredients, specially formulated to help dislodge stains and prevent bacteria on baby’s clothes. The mild fragrance does not irritate the baby.

Pureen made in Malaysia has an easy-to-clean low-foam formula that helps clean and soften fabrics, reducing ruffles and lint caused by long use or strong washing.

Sleek originated in Indonesia, made from coco polyglucocide active ingredient extracted from coconut, which is safe for babies, has high bactericidal and mold ability, protects baby’s skin and mother’s skin when used.

Komodo is of Thai origin. Active detergent gently penetrates deep into the fabric to help remove common stains on baby clothes.

To avoid harmful effects from chemicals, mothers should use products with natural extracts that are friendly to the sensitive skin of babies. Please read the ingredients on the bottle carefully before choosing the best fabric laundry detergent for your baby!

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