Perhaps many honey users still cannot distinguish each type of honey that is popularly sold on the market today. So what is the difference between coffee flower honey, lychee flower and longan flower, let’s find out right away.

It can be easily seen that the honey of coffee flowers, litchi flowers and longan flowers are all natural honey formed by the process of taking pollen from these plants to produce honey. However, between these types of honey there will be differences in color and taste. Consumers should have basic knowledge in purchasing to choose the right honey product for the needs of each family.

firstCoffee flower honey

Coffee flower honey is honey made by bees sucking nectar from coffee flowers. This flower is grown mainly in the Central Highlands provinces of our country and is loved by many people because of its sweet taste and color.

The special feature of coffee flower honey is that the color is long-lasting and dense and the sweetness is quite mild, not as sweet as other types of honey. Especially in this type of honey, if we keep it for a long time, the honey will not be discolored or sugary.

2Lychee flower honey

Lychee honey is popular in Bac Giang province, the North of our country and is collected by bees from the lychee tree each season when litchi blooms and forms honey.

Pure lychee honey will have the natural sweet scent of lychee flowers. With light yellow and clear color, lychee honey is always trusted and used by consumers.

3Longan flower honey

Similar to the honey of many other flowers, longan flower honey is sucked by bees from the pollen of longan trees and longan fruits. This type of honey is produced mainly in Hung Yen and Ben Tre provinces on every occasion when the longan season comes to fruition.

Consumers especially like this type of honey because of its strong sweetness and aroma of longan that blends in honey.

4Of these three types of honey, which is the best?

All three types of honey, if mentioned above, contain extremely preeminent uses in health care and beauty. However, with coffee flower honey, the concentration and color retention is the longest, so it is often the first choice of consumers.

If you do not care about consistency or like the taste of longan and lychee, you should choose lychee and longan honey. Quality and price are also equivalent to coffee nectar.

Any type of honey has certain nutritional values. Depending on the taste preferences of each family, you can choose to use the most suitable type of honey. Be a smart consumer to make the right choice for yourself.

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