Heineken beer has long affirmed its position in the market in Vietnam and countries around the world. In today’s article, we will find out how much alcohol this beer has and how much it costs today.

Beer is a beverage that has been around for a long time and it not only offers many great health benefits such as reducing stress, improving vision, but also has the ability to effectively beautify. The taste of this drink has a strong appeal and gradually becomes an indispensable “character” in parties, meeting friends, dating, ..

Heineken is one of the best beers in the world, not only men but also women know this brand. With a rather smooth taste, this Lager beer is considered easy to drink and suitable for many different audiences, so it is very popular around the world. Right now, let’s find out information about Heineken beer.

firstHow much is Heineken beer?

Heineken currently has 2 types: Heineken Premium (Heineken Blue) and Heineken Silver (Heineken Silver). Each variety has its own signature with excellent taste.

Users rate the taste of Heineken as quite light, easy to drink, the aftertaste is not as bitter as other beers, but it does not mean that Heineken’s alcohol content is light.

  • Heineken Blue (Heineken Premium) has an alcohol content of: 5%.

  • Heineken Silver (Heineken Silver) has an alcohol content of: 4%.

2How much does Heineken beer cost?

Heineken beer is chosen by consumers because of its excellent quality and extremely affordable price. To meet the needs of users, this beer brand also offers a series of diverse and different models.

On the market today there are There are three popular types of Heineken beer: bottled beer, canned beer, and bomb.

Canned beer prices

Beer cans are designed in 2 styles: high cans and low cans like other popular beers.

Present, Original low-can Heineken beer price is about 405,000/barrel of 24 cans of 330ml.

Still Heineken in tall cans will be divided into 2 types, Heineken Sliver and Heineken Sleek, both of which have similar prices and about 406,000/carton of 24 cans of 330ml.

Bottled beer prices

Bottled beer will cost more than canned beer, about 1,200,000 for a carton of 24 330ml bottles and about 3,000,000 for bottles with a capacity of 355ml.

Bomb beer price

Understanding the tastes of customers who love large parties, Heineken beer has come up with a design bomb with a capacity of 5 liters but the price is only about 1,300,000 for 1 box of 2 bombsConvenient and affordable, right?

Although there are now many types of beer with diverse flavors and designs, it is undeniable that Heineken beer’s distinctive appeal and flavor is undeniable. Hopefully the information that I have shared can help you better understand this famous beer brand.

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