Singles’ Day (Quang Con Tiet) is a holiday honoring singles taking place on 11/11. Learn the origin, meaning and activities of Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day (Quang Con Tiet) is a holiday honoring singles taking place on 11/11. 11/11 represents lonely digits, a lone stick, like the “unlucky” fate of FA girls and boys. However, few people know that this day has many special things, let’s find out right away with Phunudaily!

first Origin and meaning of Singles’ Day 11/11

The Origin of Singles’ Day

11/11 Every year there are many other names such as: Singles’ Day, Quang Con Day, Song Thap Nhat Day, … is a holiday Originated from China.

This is not a traditional holiday of the Chinese people, nor is it a festival imported from foreign cultures, but a public holiday. spontaneous of Chinese youth.

There are many stories about this holiday, but the most famous one is the one in the Nanjing University dormitory. The students discussed how to get rid of loneliness, so the idea was to make November 11 every year as an anniversary.

At first, this idea only influenced a few student groups of the school, then gradually spread to other universities and colleges. gradually spread to the whole country.

The Origin of Singles' DayThe Origin of Singles’ Day

With development of media and social networks As well as the number of singles in China, this festival is becoming more and more popular.

Today’s Singles Day is for everyone regardless of young or old, girls or boys as long as they are single person.

In addition, there is a special holiday built on the romantic element of Red and White Valentine’s Day called Black Valentine’s Day (Black Valentine, Black day) dedicated to celebrating singles, those who has yet to find his perfect half.

Meaning of Singles’ Day

11/11 Singles’ Day is opportunity for lonely young people to have the opportunity to meet, have fun, erase the sadness because they have not found their “other half”.as well as I hope they find their dream lover soon.

Since 2009, billionaire Jack Ma added this day to the list of holidays and New Year to open promotions and shopping festivals on e-commerce sites. That’s why, November 11th every year is also an opportunity for the singles association to take advantage of a “terrible” promotion but reward yourself or buy surprise gifts for relatives, friends…

Meaning of Singles' DayMeaning of Singles’ Day

2 Singles Day wishes 11/1

1. Being single for a long time is also a good thing. But, I hope we are only single this year, next year let’s all leave the association together!

2. After all, I realized that what makes a girl smile and really happy is when she stands in front of the mirror and sees herself as beautiful, fresh and full of life, not because of anyone’s love. any guy. Wish you tomorrow still live as strong and happy as today, funny single girl.

3. It is an advantage for us to discuss plans, turn the situation around, manage money, etc. One day the economy will be able to control love. Happy Singles Day!

4. The biggest mistake of the lame is to hang out with the rest of the kids all day long. Therefore, never escape the life of FA. Wishing our sister and aunt association single for the admirer.

5. Singles day wish me optimism among the crowd, always feel calm, always beautiful, hold my head high, be a beautiful single girl that makes many guys want.

Singles Day wishes 11/1Singles Day wishes 11/1

6. It is an international trend while the economy is very sluggish and stagnant, while inflation is higher than voltage. Therefore, may our bachelor association contribute to promoting the economy and raising ourselves to the international level.

7. Our sisters are not single, we choose to be single. Self-reliant and self-reliant women are the trend today. Wish all single sisters always strong in money, soon get out of poverty!

8. Wish the girls who choose the “single” status are always the girls who live in a proud, confident position, affirming their own values.

9. Wish me once in my life to understand the pain of being kicked by a lover.

10. As long as you feel happy, alone or by yourself, it doesn’t matter. Wish you every day is a happy day, single but not lonely.

3 Discover singles holidays in different countries

Singles’ Day in Vietnam

It is strange that 11/11 in Vietnam is chosen by many couples as their wedding day. In modern times, many prospective couples hold their weddings on Singles’ Day, with the belief that getting married on this day will bring much happiness and luck to them.

Singles' Day in VietnamSingles’ Day in Vietnam

In addition, in the belief of many young people, the number 11:11 also has mystical, spiritual and lucky meanings. Besides, they also believe that it is a sign of being on the right track and having a successful personal plan. Or roughly a sign that luck is coming to you.

Singles’ Day in China

Singles' Day in ChinaSingles’ Day in China

On 11/11, brands grasp the psychology of singles and “launch” a huge sale on this occasion every year. E-commerce giants launch “tons” of discount events that attract a large number of shoppers.

Singles’ Day in Korea

Singles' Day in KoreaSingles’ Day in Korea

Pepero Day is considered a holiday in the land of Kim Chi, a holiday similar to Valentine’s Day. People often give each other a line of chocolate-dipped sticks called Pepero to show their affection to friends and relatives.

4 Frequently asked questions about Singles’ Day

Why is 11/11 considered Singles’ Day?

It’s by 4 1 standing next to each other conjures up images of lonely, lonely sticks. On the other hand, The number 1 is also considered a lone and isolated digit in the opinion of many people. Therefore, this day is also called by many names by young Chinese people such as “Song Ten Nhat” (2 numbers 11) or “Quang Kun Xuet” (single festival).

Why is 11/11 considered Singles' Day?Why is 11/11 considered Singles’ Day?

What do FAs usually do on Singles’ Day?

The main activity of single people on their own holiday is gathering to eat, sing karaoke or drink alcohol and have fun, there are also some people who choose the way shopping strong enough to forget the feeling of loneliness, emptiness and my “lonely” situation.

What do FAs usually do on Singles' Day?What do FAs usually do on Singles’ Day?

How to hunt for sale on 11/11

In Vietnam, shopping is extremely exciting. In particular, in recent years, many major e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, … organize a series of great value promotions or vouchers, free shipping codes, … and Singles Day 11/11 is also among them. Here are some tips for you to hunt for a very effective 11/11 sale:

How to hunt for sale on 11/11How to hunt for sale on 11/11

  • Pay attention to the golden hours of the sale on 11/11: Depending on the e-commerce site, it will have its own golden hours for sale such as 0:00, 3:00, 9:00, … Shops may limit a certain number of products for sale in that time frame, so you have to watch. Exact time to buy before it runs out.

  • Hunting vouchers, discount codes, freeship codes,…: In addition to the discount golden hours, you also need to watch the time frames to hunt for vouchers, discount codes, freeship codes, … on 11/11. The number of codes is limited, so get in as soon as possible. Besides, some shops will launch their own discount codes, so you need to pay attention to record them to enter in the Offers section.

  • Set reminders and make a list of products to buy: This step is simple, but it is necessary to prepare the best to buy for yourself and your loved ones the desired products.

  • Read product reviews and shop before ordering: Always pay attention to this step to filter out the high-quality and highly-rated shops, avoid buying poor quality goods.

  • Join sales hunting groups: Sales hunting groups on social networks always quickly grasp information about promotions and promotions of brands, especially on 11/11. Not only that, this is also a place to share the experiences of many people about the most effective sales hunting.

  • Follow on social networking sites: Brands often use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … to connect with customers. From here they will announce discounts, promotions, programs on 11/11, … Therefore, you should pay attention to the fanpage of the brands you love or intend to buy to not miss any What a great deal.

  • Take advantage of discounts when buying in bulk: The more brands buy, the deeper the discount. For example, buy multiple products, get 1 free, reduce the cost on the total bill of great value, free shipping, express delivery, etc. Now invite more relatives and friends to buy Please!

  • Attractive offers from e-wallets: Currently, e-wallets are an indispensable companion for online shopping users. To increase the convenience for users, e-commerce sites have linked with e-wallets to provide a fast and optimal shopping and payment experience. From here, e-wallets also offer many attractive promotions that you cannot miss.

Hunt for vouchers, discount codes, freeship codes,... on 11/11Hunt for vouchers, discount codes, freeship codes,… on 11/11

Through this article, surely, you already know what 11/11 is, right? Hopefully with the information in this article, you will have more excitement and do not miss this special day.

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