Beer Larue is a long-standing familiar beer brand in the Vietnamese market. At Bach Khoa XANH, we sell all kinds of Larue beer at the best price and best quality on the market.

Looking for a good beer, refreshing drink without causing headaches later, Larue beer is an excellent nomination. Launched in the Vietnamese market for a long time, Larue beer is no longer strange, and has become a “habit” of many people when enjoying beer on dining tables and banquet tables.

firstLarue Beer – High quality joint venture product

Larue Beer is a product of Vietnam Brewery Company Limited (VBL) – a successful joint venture between Heineken Corporation and Saigon Trading Corporation (SATRA).

Larue beer is produced according to European technology, Born in 1909, excellent and consistent quality over 100 years old.

Larue beer products are loved from the design design, masculine impression with the tiger logo, to the color of beer, beer flavor and especially the feeling of refreshment, light alcohol content, no worries about headaches after drinking. drink so it is very popular with you.

2Larue beer products, alcohol content and price

Larue bottle

With a masculine design glass bottle with a prominent green label, Larue bottle beer is suitable for intimate meetings in popular bars, enjoying the cool beer taste with intimate “bottlenecks”, Refreshing beer aftertaste for longer fun.

Larue bottle beer with a capacity of 330 ml, alcohol content of 4.2%, packed in 24 bottles, reference price is about 135,000 VND/case.

Larue blue can

For those who want to enjoy low-alcohol canned beer with a concentration of only 4.2%.

The chilled Larue Green beer brings a feeling of high refreshment, good refreshment when enjoying, mild beer taste, after sweet, gentle connection.

Reference price:

Larue Green Beer 330ml The price is about 11,500 VND

6 cans of Larue Green beer 330ml The price is about 64,000 VND

24 cans of Larue Green beer 330ml The price is about 260,000 VND

Larue Special canned beer

Especially as the name suggests, Larue Special offers Larue beer lovers an expensive option with a luxurious blue label silver can design, alcohol content increased to 4.6%, adding taste stimulation, enough to add refreshment. while still ensuring to maintain alertness and excitement after each fun.

Reference price:

Larue Special Beer 330ml the price is about 11,300 VND

6 cans of Larue Special beer 330ml The price is about 64,000 VND

24 cans of Larue Special beer 330ml The price is about 260,000 VND

Choosing a beer brand that is old enough, has a strong enough flavor without being too “heavy” to prolong the fun, Larue beer is the ideal choice for users.