There is a new type of powdered milk on the market today called whole milk. So what is whole milk and how is it different from other types of milk? The article below will answer all your questions.

Fresh milk is a rich source of nutrients, providing many essential energy for the body to grow and develop in balance, suitable for all subjects, all different ages. In recent years, besides liquid fresh milk products, consumers have also started to switch to using whole milk.

firstWhat is full cream milk?

Full cream milk is fresh milk Extracted from 100% fresh cow’s milk pure. After the sterilization process, the product No preservatives, additives or any other flavorings.

The fat in whole milk has the lowest content of 3.5% and many other nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin B1, etc. These compounds are all much higher in quantity than other types of milk. other fresh.

In addition to the benefits that I mentioned above, fresh milk also has many other uses, see more at: Discover the uses of fresh milk for health

If regular fresh milk can only be used for drinking, this whole milk is also the main ingredient for making cakes, ice cream, ..

Not only that, The shelf life of whole milk is shorter than that of other types of milkNormally, whole milk will have a shelf life of about 10-20 days.

2Advantages and disadvantages of whole milk


Full cream fresh milk will retain all its nutritional components, especially the whey layer in fresh milk, so that The minimum fat content in whole milk will be 3.5 – 3.7%higher than many other types of milk.

Full cream fresh milk is processed through a sudden heating and cooling process, so Harmful bacteria are eliminated but still retains most of the necessary substances. Therefore, for babies in the period when they need nutrients to grow, they can use full cream milk very well.

Whole milk is only heat treated, so Contains no preservatives or additives.

Full cream fresh milk Suitable for all ages, just pay attention to the physical condition and needs of each person. You can use whole milk for babies over 1 year old, women, men and the elderly.


Full cream milk, if it is pasteurized fresh milk, can only can be stored for about 10 days because the milk processing temperature is not too high. Therefore, if opened, should be used immediately.

Full cream fresh milk also Only suitable for babies 18 months and olderif under this age will cause the baby to have problems with kidneys as well as digestion.

Full cream fresh milk Should not be used with overweight subjects because the fat contained in it will make the user obese and gain weight.

Full cream fresh milk only should be used for children over 1 year old, If used for children under 1 year old, it will cause problems related to the health of the kidneys as well as the digestive system. Because whole milk contains a lot of calcium, protein and phosphorus.

>> Drink fresh milk properly

2Some of the best types of liquid whole milk today

Dutch Girl Full Cream Milk

Dutch Girl is a famous milk brand from the Frieslandcampina business. Not only diverse in products, this brand also quickly won the hearts of users by Great quality at an affordable price.

One of them cannot be ignored, fresh whole milk, a product line that is highly appreciated by consumers.

With the main ingredient is pure fresh cow’s milk, this product contains abundant protein, calcium, vitamin B2, choline, .. to help enhance memory and brain concentration effectively.

Not only that, it also adds many essential nutrients for the body to function and metabolize energy better.

The price of this product is about: 40,000 / box of 400g

In addition, you can also refer to the Kun milk product line, which is one of the nutritious milk products, with an extremely delicious taste that attracts young children and is trusted by many mothers.

Moc Chau full cream fresh milk

One of famous milk brand in VietnamMoc Chau is gradually showing its position through diverse products with excellent product quality.

Moc Chau full cream fresh milk has 100% ingredients from fresh cow’s milk, no additives or colorants very safe and good for health. With abundant folic acid, vitamin B1, calcium, this product adds many essential nutrients to the body, helping children develop comprehensively.

The price of this product is about: 100,000 / 1.5 liter bottle

A2 Full cream fresh milk

A2 Full Cream Milk is extracted from pure fresh cow’s milk, this is considered a nutritional solution for your family.

With a special formula, the product is Produced by modern Australian technology should be rich in nutrients.

Not only supplementing essential nutrients for the body, A2 whole milk is also extremely good for the digestive system, preventing bloating and diarrhea.

The outstanding advantage of this product is Abundant DHA and ARA contentThese are nutrients that help your baby’s optimal brain development.

The price of this product is about: 330,000 / box of 1.4 liters

Devondale Full Cream Milk

With 100% raw materials from Milk from cows raised naturally in Australia To a high standard, Devondale whole milk has superior nutritional content.

When added to the body, this product will improve resistance, enhance health. At the same time, supplementing with an abundant amount of calcium helps to develop strong bones, preventing osteoporosis in the elderly.

The price of this product is about: 370,000 / 150ml can

Whole milk is a source of essential nutrients for everyone. Hopefully, the information that I have shared can help you better understand whole milk so that you can choose the right product.

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