Shrimp is a nutritious food that mothers choose to use to supplement calcium and nutrients in the baby’s weaning diet. So what vegetables are cooked with shrimp porridge that is both delicious and nutritious, stimulating the baby to enjoy delicious and satisfied?

Unlike crab meat, frogs are quite picky about ingredients, shrimp porridge is much easier to combine with vegetables in the baby’s diet. See what kind of vegetables you can combine for a delicious shrimp porridge that catches the baby’s taste.

Shrimp meat provides abundant protein, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, calcium, omega 3… All nutrients are beneficial for both the physical and brain development of the baby.

Especially, shrimp meat is fragrant, sweet, easy to eat, very suitable for the baby’s taste right from the beginning of weaning. Choosing to cook baby porridge with shrimp meat is a smart choice and is loved by mothers. Need more is a way to change shrimp porridge to add more flavor and color with vegetables.

Shrimp is easy to combine with other vegetables to form delicious and nutritious snacks for babies. Mothers can refer to a few ways to cook shrimp porridge – one of the delicious shrimp dishes for babies 6 months and older combined with the following ingredients.

firstShrimp porridge with green beans and vegetables

Broccoli shrimp porridgeShrimp porridge with green beans and vegetables

When combined with hot vegetables and green beans, baby shrimp porridge will Increase the amount of fiber, sweet taste, and the amount of vitamins B and C to help strengthen the baby’s resistancePromotes nutrient metabolism in the body.

2Shrimp and carrot porridge

Shrimp and carrot porridgeShrimp and carrot porridge

The abundant amount of vitamins C, D, E and B vitamins in carrots is the Actively supplement nutrition and strengthen resistance great for baby. The amount of carotene in carrots is quickly converted into Vitamin A is essential for children’s vision and physical health.

Carrot shrimp porridge is fragrant, sweet, easy to use, provides nutrition and abundant energy for the baby.

3Pumpkin shrimp porridge

Pumpkin shrimp porridgePumpkin shrimp porridge

This pumpkin shrimp porridge recipe is for babies from 9 months old. The sweetness of the shrimp is very harmonious with the aroma of the pumpkin. With this porridge, mom can rest assured that the children will love it and eat it deliciously from start to finish.

4Shrimp and amaranth porridge

Shrimp and amaranth porridgeShrimp and amaranth porridge

Amaranth is sweet, cool, rich in fiber, vitamins and amino acids. Combine amaranth in shrimp porridge It helps the porridge to have an eye-catching color, delicious taste, very suitable for babies to use in hot weather days.

Shrimp porridge with amaranth should Use for babies from 8 months old.

5Shrimp and water spinach porridge

Shrimp and amaranth porridgeShrimp and water spinach porridge

Just like amaranth, water spinach is a food with many beneficial nutritional values ​​for babies. Helps baby digestion, good for blood, strengthens the immune system.

Let the shrimp and water spinach porridge add fragrant, fleshy, mom can combine with 1 slice of cheese in porridge.

6Shrimp porridge with spinach

Shrimp porridge with spinachShrimp porridge with spinach

Spinach is high in vitamin A, rich in vitamin C than spinach, and rich in iron, which is beneficial for healthy red blood cell production.

With sweet taste, coolness, shrimp porridge will help your baby Cool down the body, increase nutrientsespecially the amount of pectin mucilage in spinach is very useful Help baby laxative, avoid constipation.

7Shrimp and cabbage porridge

Shrimp and cabbage porridgeShrimp and cabbage porridge

According to studies, the stem is the place where many vitamins such as vitamin C, B1, B2 are stored… And these vitamins will certainly help. strengthen the digestive system, eyesight, protect the heartIn particular, giving us a fresh skin, regularly eating cabbage, the skin will be rejuvenated and smooth. Cooking porridge with shrimp will be extremely delicious and nutritious.

8Broccoli shrimp porridge

Broccoli has a higher nutritional value than cauliflower, has no fat, is high in antioxidants, contains a large amount of vitamin C and is 90% water. has the effect of supporting weight loss, preventing the risk of cancer, good for the digestive system and improving bone and joint problems.. This is definitely a perfect choice to cook with shrimp porridge.

Broccoli shrimp porridgeBroccoli shrimp porridge

9Seaweed shrimp porridge

Broccoli shrimp porridgeSeaweed shrimp porridge

As a plant living in the sea, belonging to the group of seaweeds, seaweed is rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins necessary for health. Works control blood pressure, aid digestion, promote bone health, support thyroid,… When combined to cook seaweed shrimp porridge will be a dish that is both delicious and nutritious.

Note when giving baby shrimp porridge:
– Do not let children eat shrimp with shell, it will be easy to choke.
– When starting to introduce the baby to shrimp porridge, should give the baby a small test to see the body’s reaction, because shrimp is an allergenic food.
When your child has a cough, avoid feeding him shrimpbecause then the respiratory system is very sensitive to fishy odors, easily making the cough worse.
– The best is Should choose shrimps for the babyFarmed shrimp contains high antibiotic residues which are not beneficial to the nutritional health of young children.

The mother immediately prepares for her baby shrimp porridge with delicious, eye-catching and nutritious vegetables, helping the baby eat well, grow healthy, grow up healthy day by day.

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