What is cooking cream? Is Cooking cream any different from Whipping Cream? Let’s find out more in the article below.

Although quite popular in Vietnam, many of you still do not know what Cooking cream is and its uses in cooking. So, let’s learn about this material with Bach Hoa Xanh in the article below!

firstWhat is cooking cream?

Cooking cream is a cream containing more than 20% fat and is used to cook soups for children. Cooking cream is considered a condiment to help create richness and increase the aroma of dishes. If your family has children or likes to eat Western dishes, then Cooking cream is an ideal choice.

Cooking cream is liquid, light, can’t be whipped but still has a greasy texture. Because of the heating treatment, when cooking at high temperatures, Cooking cream still retains the nutrients, is not degraded by heat and does not clump or separate. Therefore, Cooking cream is most suitable for cooking or hot food processing.

Cooking cream should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius and absolutely not frozen. After use, clean the mouth of the box, close the lid and wrap it in a plastic bag. During storage, take out the container from time to time and shake it a few times to prevent the ice cream from freezing at the bottom.

What is cooking cream?  How are Whipping Cream and Cooking Cream different?

2Difference between Cooking cream and Whipping Cream

Cooking cream is often confused with Whipping Cream. Whipping Cream has the main ingredient is cow’s milk fat with a minimum fat content of 30% and has a slightly yellowish white color. Unlike Cooking cream, Whipping cream can be whipped and fluffy very quickly, forming a hard mixture, so it is suitable for making sponge cakes or making ice cream.

In Vietnam, Cooking Cream is not as popular as Whipping Cream, so many families have used Whipping Cream instead of Cooking Cream. Whipping Cream can also be used to cook dishes such as shrimp soup and other hot dishes, but the quality and taste will not match the Cooking cream because these 2 creams are manufactured with different ingredients and used for different purposes. different destination. Therefore, you should consider and choose the right cream to avoid losing the flavor of the dish.

What is cooking cream?  How are Whipping Cream and Cooking Cream different?

Above is some information about Cooking cream. Because it is not too fat, Cooking cream is very suitable for preparing dishes for children. You season it with sticky rice when cooking soups to make the dish more delicious and flavorful. Currently, Cooking cream has been widely sold at supermarkets and agents, please buy and try it!