Clear lime water is familiar to us, especially housewives. However, to define what is clear lime water and the effect of lime water in the kitchen, not everyone knows. The following article will clarify more about this type of water.

Clear lime water is a material that many people care about, it is an extremely important water used to make some traditional Vietnamese cakes, besides, on the occasion of Tet holiday, many families prepare lime water in the morning. to make delicious, supple jams.

firstWhat is clear lime water?

Clear lime water is actually the process when you mix lime powder with water to form a milky white solution, then you let this solution stand for 1-2 hours, then you will see a layer of scum on the top. sediment is closed at the bottom and in the middle there is a clear layer.

It is that layer of clear water that people call lime juice in the type of water that we need to use to make jam.

You can make your own clear lime juice by mixing lime powder or buy it at stores specializing in jam ingredients in traditional markets.

2The effect of lime water in the kitchen

In many recipes for traditional Vietnamese cakes, it is necessary to use clear lime water, namely:

Clear lime juice used to make jam:

In some jams where the ingredients have a pungent, bitter taste such as: squash jam, coconut jam, carrot jam, papaya jam, etc., soaking the ingredients with clear lime water will reduce the pungent smell as well as the taste. The bitter taste at the same time makes the jam more supple and delicious, but if you do not soak the lime water in it, until you slug the jam, it will become soft.

After soaking in lime water, you need to wash it with clean water to avoid the jam from turning black.

Lime water used as ingredients for cakes:

The clear lime water used to process baking materials has the effect of making the cake more flexible, tough and solid, and the cake is also clearer, for example: castor cake, banh te, banh ú, banh te…

3How to make clear lime water

  • Step 1: Put lime powder in cold water and dissolve them.
  • Step 2: Leave to settle for a few hours.
  • Step 3: Use a bucket towel to filter out the membrane on the top and get the clear water to use.

You can do a lot and then use it gradually, note that the lime water is kept in glass or ceramic jars, not in metal jars.

4 Note when using lime water in order to avoid harm to health

When choosing to use clear lime water to process ingredients for making cakes and jams, you need to pay attention to using the correct amount of lime water that the recipe states, do not use too much or it will affect the taste of the cake and cause damage. harmful to the health of the eater.

When you process ingredients with lime juice, remember to wear gloves to avoid affecting the skin of your hands, causing the skin to dry, crack, and ulcerate.

So with the information shared just now, we hope to help you better understand lime water and its application in the kitchen. Wish you good health!

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