When babies reach the age of weaning, mothers often wonder if they should choose to feed their baby porridge or nutritional powder. Bach Khoa XANH would like to help you answer this question with the useful information below!

Feed your baby solid food

6 months old is the time when the baby’s digestive system can absorb the thick and thick food, this is also the time when the mother should let the baby get used to solid foods. Mother should introduce the baby to a little diluted powder in the morning, when the baby is used to it, should feed the baby 2-3 meals of flour in one day, alternating with breastfeeding.

According to experts, feeding babies with powder in the early stages to provide them with the nutrients they need for healthy development, so baby powder also must ensure the full range of nutrients such as protein, fat, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Feed your baby solid food

On the market today, there are many types of baby powder to help mothers save time instead of making your own dough at home.

Parents when choosing powder for their baby should choose products from Reputable brand, safe ingredients and ensure adequate nutrition for children. Besides, you should also pay attention to the stage of your child’s development to choose sweet or salty powder with many flavors to suit your baby’s taste.

Feed your baby pureed porridge

Pureed porridge is a popular weaning food that many mothers often give to their babies. This porridge is cooked from white porridge combined with some vegetables, meat, fish, … and finely ground. Porridge is soft, rich in nutrition It is a suitable complementary food for the development of the baby this period.

Feed your baby pureed porridge

Unlike weaning powder, pureed porridge can Adjust ingredients and taste according to the child’s preferences. However, the mother will have to measure and measure so that the porridge is always full of nutrients for the child.

At the same time, porridge It takes a lot of time to prepare, and should not cook so much that the baby will not eat all of it and have to reheat it again and again. Although it takes more time and effort, the porridge is very Beneficial for helping baby develop appetite and explore your baby’s digestive system.

Should you choose powdered snacks or pureed porridge?

According to nutritionists, Weaning powder or pureed porridge are good for babies into this stage. In the first days of getting used to weaning, you can give your baby a little diluted sweet powder to get used to it, but when your baby is used to weaning, you can give him salty powder or porridge. fine puree.

Baby can too eat porridge mixed with nutritional powder Because at this stage, the baby’s body needs a lot of nutrients and has to eat many meals a day.

Should you choose powdered snacks or pureed porridge?

However, whether the baby uses solid food powder or pureed porridge, the mother still has to ensure the criteria for ingredients, nutrition as well as hygiene. Should feed the baby full mealeat from less to morefrom dilute to thick and eat varietychange the taste so that the baby does not get bored.

Especially mom should remember Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible to increase resistance and immune system for children.

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Hopefully, our article has answered the concerns of mothers about whether to feed their baby powdered food or pureed porridge. Please follow Bach Hoa XANH’s articles to get more useful information

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