During pregnancy, women will gain a lot of weight, but usually everyone wants to stay in shape after giving birth. So what should a mother eat and how to eat so that nutrients are mainly focused on the fetus, without gaining weight.

Nutritional supplements for children

Starch: You can eat rice, bread or sweet potatoes, but you should not eat too much during the day as it can make you obese.

Meat: Provides iron and calcium, helps the baby get enough nutrients and gain weight evenly. You can eat each dish 2 to 3 times a week.

Fish: Helps supplement DHA, which is an important substance to help develop the baby’s intelligence, avoid the risk of Eczema, and also reduce food allergies for pregnant women.

Provide adequate nutrients for children to develop comprehensively

Vegetables: Prioritize dark green vegetables, which contain a lot of folic acid to help develop the baby’s brain and nervous system. You can also use other colored vegetables such as yellow, purple, red, etc. alternately during the week.

Fruit: Provides a lot of fiber and vitamins of all kinds, good for the digestive system, strengthens the baby’s immune system. Can be processed into juices and smoothies for daily use.

In addition, mothers can eat more 3-4 eggs in a weekn and drink 2-3 cups of milk no sugar every day.

Provide adequate nutrients for children to develop comprehensively

The first trimester of pregnancy: Do not eat much

In the first few months, you don’t need too much energy, just Make sure you have enough protein and essential nutrients such as: Folic acid, iron, zinc, help form fetal cell organization and prevent birth defects.

Minimum guarantee 200g green vegetables from broccoli, spinach…, 27mg iron in meal. Mothers can use red meat such as beef, lamb, eggs and animal organs such as heart and liver also provide very good iron.

From the 7th week, the baby’s brain begins to develop strongly, so the mother needs to supplement with omega-3, 6, 9 from fish, olive oil, eggs and avocado.

First trimester: Do not eat a lot

Second trimester: Increase 300 calories/meal

This is the stage when the baby’s body parts are fully formed, such as the nervous system, the organs of touch, sight, hearing, etc.

Should add more food calcium and iron such as beef and seafood… avoid anemia, enhance bone development.

Ensure 300 calories/meal increase compared to the first trimester of pregnancy. To get enough calories, you should eat an extra cup of rice, drink a glass of milk, 200g of salmon…

However, do not forget to add vitamins and other minerals, limit a lot of starch and sugar that can make you gain weight quickly.

Second trimester: Increase 300 Calories/meal

The last three months of pregnancy: Eat enough

At this stage, the mother will often gain a lot of weight, need to add a lot of starch, so eat at least 2 bowls of rice and drink 2 to 3 glasses of milk a day.

This is considered the cycle of the mother and the child eating too much or too little is not good. Mom just make sure to increase 450 calories/meal maximum eat compared to before pregnancy. 450 calories equivalent to a plate of broken rice, a bowl of vermicelli, a loaf of meatloaf…

Eat lots of green vegetables to avoid constipation. Supplement calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals, provide enough nutrients for children, do not make mothers tired.

In order for the baby to develop the index of weight quickly, the mother can eat a lot of duck eggs and eel. Also need drink a lot of water and eat more fruit to avoid swelling of limbs or face deformity.

Last trimester: Eat enough

Although the above foods mainly focus on nutrients for the fetus, they still ensure to provide enough nutrients for both pregnant women, both to keep the body healthy during pregnancy and to keep in shape after birth, both the baby and the baby. Mom is fine.

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