Food plays an important role in teething, healthy teeth and prevention of dental diseases. So what should pregnant women eat to keep their baby’s teeth strong? We invite you to join us GREEN Department Store Learn what foods to eat during pregnancy!


Fish is one of the foods rich in protein and good for teeth, so mothers should supplement this food during pregnancy.

Normally, mothers eat about 50g of protein/day. During pregnancy, you need to eat 10g more protein for the fetus. If there is a lack of protein, it will lead to milk teeth not being able to erupt and easily damaged teeth later. Fish is one of the foods rich in protein and good for teeth, so mothers should supplement this food during pregnancy!


Pregnant women need to drink 2 glasses of milk a day to provide calcium

If the baby’s body lacks calcium during the period of tooth and jaw formation, it will lead to incomplete, too adjacent or weak teeth. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers need to supplement calcium, every day need 1,200 mg of calcium during pregnancy, 30% higher than the needs of the average person. The foods you can provide more calcium are shrimp, crab, fish, celery, cauliflower… Besides, one day you need to drink 2 glasses of milk or 100-200g fish to provide enough calcium for the body of mother and baby.

3Vitamins D, C, A

Pregnant women should add green vegetables every day

Lack of vitamin enamel will be bad, with stretch marks, which can easily lead to damaged teeth. Vitamin D is found in milk, eggs and sunlight. Vitamin C is found in many fruits such as lemons, oranges, tangerines, toads, guava, grapefruit or green vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, and potatoes. They have the effect of stimulating the production of collagen gum, which is necessary for the formation of dentin.

Vitamin A is found in mackerel oil, egg yolks, milk, cheese, liver, kidney… mothers should supplement to help their baby’s teeth grow straighter and more evenly.

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So in short, whether your baby’s teeth are beautiful, strong, straight or not depends on the nutrition that the pregnant mother provides every day. Therefore, remember to add the foods that we mentioned above to help your baby’s teeth be healthier!

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