Vitamin C helps fight inflammation, strengthens resistance, so you often increase foods containing Vitamin C or take vitamin C supplements. But did you know that Vitamin C also affects the conception process?

Vitamin C prevents pregnancy?

Use a lot of Vitamin C tablets or rich foods Vitamin C makes it harder to get pregnant.

+ Vitamin C Inhibition of progesterone release – one of the important hormones, helping to increase the ability to conceive.

+ Vitamin C also Increases acidity, reduces alkalinity in the vaginal environment, so sperm can hardly survive. As a result, it is difficult to conceive.

However, this is not a method of birth control and only makes it harder for women to get pregnant. If you want to prevent pregnancy safely, you should use birth control methods such as birth control pills, condoms.

Vitamin C makes it difficult for you to get pregnant

Does Vitamin C Cause Miscarriage?

If you Use Vitamin C a lot in the first 3 months or use overdose during pregnancy All affect children, the worst can lead to miscarriage.

By Vitamin C prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterusand at the same time cause hormonal disturbances leading to miscarriage.

Using too much Vitamin C causes miscarriage

Uses and side effects of Vitamin C for mothers during pregnancy

If the pregnant mother uses Use the correct dose of 75mg Vitamin C per dayVitamin C helps in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the body’s resistance. In addition, they also help eliminate toxins, prevent cancer for pregnant women.

However, if pregnant women use Overdosage of Vitamin C affects the health of mother and baby, They can cause nausea, heartburn, bloating, cramping, insomnia, worse, kidney stones.

In summary, if your family is trying to have a baby, women should take a sufficient amount of Vitamin C. Pregnant women also need to be careful in using Vitamin C.

Using too much Vitamin C affects the health of mother and baby

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Vitamin C also affects a girl’s period if used too much, causing the period to come earlier. In general, Vitamin C should not be taken arbitrarily, but must comply with the dosage instructions.