Soy milk is an extremely nutritious and healthy drink loved by many people. Below are the types of soy milk from Vinasoy, the brand chosen by consumers in Vietnam.

Vinasoy is known as a leading brand in the field of creativity with the motto: “Healthy inside and radiant outside”. Thanks to the natural source of nutrients, Vinasoy soy milk brings great benefits to health. To meet the needs of consumers, Vinasoy has produced many types of soy milk with diverse flavors and designs and extremely affordable prices. Right now, let’s learn about soy milk from Vinasoy.

firstVinasoy soy milk varieties

On the market today, there are two types of Vinasoy soy milk that are widely sold: pure Vinasoy and Vinasoy black sesame.

These two product lines have almost the same price. Vinasoy pure soy milk will cost about 28,000 / batch of 6 boxes, while Vinasoy black sesame flavor will be in the price range of 30,000 / batch of 6 boxes.

2Characteristics of each type of Vinasoy soy milk

Pure Vinasoy soy milk

Vinasoy pure soy milk with 100% carefully selected soybeans, no preservatives or genetically modified substances.

Besides, this product line also contains extremely rich isoflavones content, which helps to balance hormones and effective antioxidants, giving you smooth skin and a well-proportioned figure.

This product is very Suitable for children aged 4 years and over, adults and teenagers. With a compact design and included straw, you can take it with you on picnics, outings with family and friends.

Vinasoy Black Sesame Soy Milk

Vinasoy Black Sesame Soy Milk is the perfect combination of black sesame seeds and soybeans, providing an abundant protein content and essential nutrients for the body.

Not only that, this product line has Contains a rich amount of protein, which helps the body to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The difference of this product line is the delicious taste and optimal formula rich in isoflavones and natural proteins to help prevent skin aging, prevent obesity, bring a balanced figure and beautiful young skin. brilliant.

With the delicious taste from pure soybeans, Vinasoy soy milk not only adds essential nutrients for health, but it also gives you the desired skin and body shape. Hopefully, the information that I have shared can help you choose the scent that you love.

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