Fami is a brand of soy milk that is popularly chosen by consumers. Each type of fami provides different nutrients. Read the article below to learn about the types of fami soy milk, their prices and characteristics to choose the right one for each member of your family.

All fami soy milks are made from soybeans. However, some of the nutritional ingredients of each are different to suit all ages.

The following are the types of Fami soy milk, prices and characteristics of each.

Soy milk FamiSoy milk Fami

firstTypes of soy milk Fami

There are 4 types of soy milk including: pure fami, calcium fami, fami kid and fami go.

In which, pure Fami and calcium Fami are the two main product lines. On October 21, 2014, fami kid product was introduced and also the first brand to create soy milk for children.

In 2018, launched two more products, Fami go with red bean and black sesame flavors, creating a growth engine for Fami in particular and Vinasoy in general.


For Pure Fami and Calcium Fami:

– These two products have almost the same selling price. Fami calcium products have a higher price than pure Fami, the difference is from 4-6 thousand VND.

– Pure Fami and Fami calcium products include low-sugar and sugar-sweetened products, but the price remains unchanged. The price of two kinds of pure and calcium about 24,000 VND/lot (6 boxes) and 5,000 VND/bag.

For Fami go:

– Products include 2 types: red beans and black sesame in the form of boxes and bags with the same price about: 18,000 VND/lot (6 boxes) and 5,000 VND/bag.

For Fami Kid:

– Fami kid products with chocolate flavor are priced about 32,000/lot (6 boxes).

3Features of each type

Pure fami:

Made from 100% selected and non-GMO soybeans. The energy source in pure fami is 57.6 kcal. With delicious taste, smooth consistency, providing nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, …

The product is suitable for both the elderly and the middle-aged. Products that help prevent diseases such as heart disease, beautify skin, anti-aging,… Pure Fami is delicious and nutritious with the taste of fat and smooth soybeans, thanks to an increase of 10% of the amount of soybeans. Now also Extra Low Sugar Pure Fami – 25% more Beans, 25% Sugar off for more options.

Fami calcium:

– Fami calcium products are upgraded from pure Fami products. Not only supplemented with 8 important vitamins and minerals such as D3, vitamin B6, B9, B12, Zn… but also Provides calcium for strong bones. This product pays special attention to the skeletal system, so it can be used by children and the elderly.

– With the message “strong bones”, this is a message that clearly shows the outstanding features of calcium-fortified soy products with many humorous but profound advertising situations about a warm family. , dear and full of emotions.

Fami Go:

– Fami Go offers a super-saving and sufficient breakfast for office workers, students, etc., with the price from only 5,000 VND/bag with two flavors of red bean glutinous rice and black sesame glutinous rice.

– Fami Go is designed to provide energy based on carefully selected phytonutrients to optimize the precious values ​​available in soybeans combined with glutinous rice, a very nutritious rice and Red beans/black sesame seeds are not only rich in nutrients but also contribute to the delicious flavors. With an optimal formula to increase protein by 50%, Fami Go helps your breakfast to be more nutritious.

Fami Kid:

– Fami Kid Soy Milk has a chocolate flavor that is very popular with children. The highlight of Fami Kid soy milk is taking advantage of the precious nutrition available from natural soybeans (rich in protein, fat, good for health) at the same time. Supplementing micronutrients for physical, height and intellectual development for children during a critical period of human development.

– Fami Kid soy milk is supplemented with abundant calcium and vitamin D3 to help develop the child’s bone system and height; DHA supplements help develop vision, intelligence, and enhance memory; Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Biotin help convert nutrients into energy for active play.

Fami always gives consumers products with essential nutrients suitable for all ages to bring fresh energy and full of health. Hopefully this article has helped housewives have a way to choose Fami soy milk for each member of their family.

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