To repel ants with lemon, you can use lemon juice sprayed on the way the ants move, put lemon peel on the nest or use lemon juice mixed with water to clean the floor.

How to effectively repel ants with lemon

How to repel ants with lemon

– Ants really hate the smell of lemons, so you just need to use a few lemons to easily drive the ants out of your house.

– There are many ways to use lemon to repel ants, depending on the needs and circumstances that you apply the most suitable way.

– The first way: Squeeze lemon juice into a spray bottle, then spray it directly on the locations and roads that ants often move through.. When the ants run away or die, you just need to use a towel to clean the ant carcass, wipe the lemon juice that is still stuck on the floor, wall, shelf… that’s it.

How to repel ants with lemon

– Second way: Chop the lemon zest, which has been squeezed out of juice, and sprinkle it on the ant’s path, anthill, the essential oil from the lemon peel will make the ants uncomfortable and choose another place to make a nest. You can leave the lemon peel like that for a few days, when the lemon peel is dry, you just need to use a brush to clean it and repel the ants very compactly.

– Third way: Squeeze out the juice of 4 lemons mixed with 2 liters of water, then use this mixture to clean the floor. Your home will be filled with a fresh lemon scent and will be clean of ants right away.

A few notes you should know when chasing ants with lemon

A few notes you should know when chasing ants with lemon

– Before applying the first and second methods, you should carefully observe the locations and sections of the road with a lot of ants, then spray lemon juice, spread lemon zest, because if you spray/scattered around, you will be very angry. take time to clean up, clean up after chasing ants.

– Housewife should flexibly apply the first and second methodsAfter using lemon juice, taking advantage of lemon peels to repel ants will be highly effective and save money on buying lemons.

– After chasing ants, you should work hard to clean up the dead ants, lemon peel, wipe dry lemon juice to keep the house neat and clean.

This lemon ant repellant tip has a very simple way to do it, easy for everyone to do. Please try to apply and share with us how you think about the effectiveness of this ant repellant method.

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