Some cosmetics after buying often have a sticker on the product, if this stamp is removed, it will leave a glue stain that is difficult to clean. However, only with dry hand sanitizer, this glue stain is easily removed.

With high-end cosmetic brands, there will probably not be this sticker, but some cosmetic lines such as lipstick, pencil, mascara, etc. mid-range or bought online by girls often have stamps, removing the stamp will leave Glue stains, causing a very uncomfortable sticky feeling when used.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has the ability to clean and remove glue stains very effectively. Hand sanitizer is also one of the common items in women’s bags. So it can be used to clean glue stains on cosmetics.

I just bought a lipstick to use, then peeled off the stamp, stuck the glue on the lipstick which was very uncomfortable every time I used it, there was hand sanitizer available so I used it to clean it and share it with you guys.

Glue sticks on lipstick after removing the stampGlue sticks on lipstick after removing the stamp

How to remove adhesive on cosmetics with hand sanitizer?

Step 1: Use dry hand sanitizer to apply evenly on the glue stain on the lipstick.

Remove adhesive on cosmetics with hand sanitizer

Step 2: Wait about 2 minutes for the hand sanitizer to soften the glue. Finally, use a towel to wipe off the glue, do it about 2 times, and the glue on the lipstick will be removed.

Remove adhesive on cosmetics with hand sanitizerGlue is removed by hand sanitizer

It’s simple and convenient, isn’t it, if you also have a sticky situation on cosmetics, apply this tip right away, it’s very effective.