Although bathing the baby regularly, using shampoo to increase the effectiveness of cleaning and taking care of the scalp, “buffalo poop” still appears, causing itching and loss of aesthetics for the baby. Want to solve this problem, please refer to how to use coconut oil to remove “buffalo dung” for your baby!

The reason for the formation of “buffalo dung” on the scalp of children

Buffalo shit is formed due to overactive sebaceous glands of hair follicles. When sebum secretion combines with a large amount of dead cells, it will hinder the peeling process of these cells and form plaques on the scalp, often called “buffalo dung”.

Usually buffalo shit will go away after a few months if it is mild and 1-2 years if it is severe. But there are some cases of children with superinfection when buffalo dung not only spreads and thickens on the scalp but also pulls down the face and neck area, sometimes causing festering.

Buffalo shit not only causes unsightly babies, especially girls, but it also makes them itchy, uncomfortable, and fussy. If superinfected with streptococcus, staphylococcus, the buffalo poop area has inflammation, watery, impetigo causing pain and danger to the baby’s health.

Buffalo shit can grow on the scalp, spread to the face and neck, there is a risk of superinfection

Buffalo shit can grow on the scalp, spread to the face and neck, there is a risk of superinfection

To avoid the situation that buffalo dung grows too thick, too wide and leads to superinfection, mothers should pay attention to helping children clean buffalo dung as soon as they appear. Thus, the cleaning will save time and effort and the baby will be more comfortable because it is less affected by the disease.

How to clean buffalo dung safely for children with fresh lemon and coconut oil

For the treatment to be effective, the mother should cut the baby’s hair very short.

– Before each bath, the mother uses 1 lemon to squeeze the water and mix it with warm water to wash the baby’s hair. Shampooing time should be longer than usual so that the buffalo shit can absorb the soft water. Then wash your baby with warm water again.

– Let the baby sit in the basin of bath water and apply coconut oil on the buffalo dung. The mother continued to bathe the baby, then took a comb to gently brush to remove each layer of buffalo shit on the head, then washed the baby’s head again.
Persevering for the baby for about a week, the mother will see the buffalo shit gradually disappear and completely heal.

Washing your baby's hair with lemon and coconut oil will quickly get rid of buffalo shit

Washing your baby’s hair with lemon and coconut oil will quickly get rid of buffalo shit

To prevent recurrence, the mother should bathe the baby regularly and pay attention to detect it as soon as new buffalo shit appears. When new, buffalo poop clings to shallow, thin and thin, it is easy to clean with warm water without using lemon and coconut oil.

In addition to treating buffalo shit, coconut oil is also very good to use for baby food, moms can take advantage of it and use it gradually!

Buffalo shit does not seem to be very dangerous for the baby, but the mother should quickly help the baby clean and prevent them to avoid them from growing thick, spreading, causing superinfection which is not good for the baby at all.

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