Frosted glasses are very uncomfortable for nearsighted people, because they are often worn, so the glasses are prone to dust, leading to blur. To clean the ball, you need eyeglass cleaner, today I would like to share how to use hand sanitizer to clean glasses.

I work in an office and I’m nearsighted, so I have to wear transparent glasses so it’s easy to get dust, if I don’t pay attention, I will pick up the glasses to stick fingerprints, which is very uncomfortable, wipe with a paper towel, it’s clean but not shiny. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer available on the table, so I used it to clean the glass and found it effective and shared it with you.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has the ability to clean and disinfect so it can clean glasses.

Glass cleaners with hand sanitizer

Take some hand sanitizer Apply evenly on both sides of the glasseswait about 1 minute.

Afterward Use paper towels to clean is to be. Wipe the inside of your glasses too.

Wipe off smudges on glasses with hand sanitizer

Note: When cleaning glasses, you should hold them in the frame, don’t touch the glass, it will blur.

It doesn’t take too much time and the method is very simple, but your glasses are clean, apply this method right away for your glasses.