Besides the instructions of the doctor, there are still natural methods to help fight off a child’s cold. With just a slice of potato, you can easily cure your baby’s cold.

The story of potatoes that help cure colds

Debbie Vigan – a mother living in California shared, when her baby showed signs of a mild cold. She was Slice a potato and put it in your baby’s socks at 8-9 pm.

Baby has slept well for 12 hours, no cold, no runny or stuffy nose. The next morning when I took the potatoes out of the socks, they had turned black.

The story of a mother's heartwarming potato in California

Do potatoes really beat a cold?

Medical researcher Jenny Hills once promoted cold therapy from potatoes on a Healthy and Nutritional World article.

According to Hills, the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and anti-bacterial properties of potatoes have been used since ancient times in China and Egypt.

Besides Potatoes can also help reduce feverAccording to WebMD, potato skin has anti-bacterial properties, raw potatoes help fight inflammation, burns, eye pain and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Potatoes help relieve colds and reduce fever

How to use potatoes to treat colds for children

You just Slice raw potatoes, put them in socks and give them to the baby overnight.

So potatoes not only help children relieve colds but also can help reduce fever very well.

However, even if you want to take advantage of any natural remedies to help relieve colds in children, you should still consult your doctor before doing so.

If your baby only has a mild fever due to the weather, you can apply this method. In case the child has a high fever that does not go down, it is necessary to take the child to the doctor, do not arbitrarily give the child medicine.

Slice raw potatoes, put them in socks, give them overnight

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In addition, potatoes, when mashed into a fine powder with warm water, can help treat digestive disorders and promote weight loss in adults.