The white soles of shoes that have been stained for a long time are inevitable, but how to make the white soles like new again, no one knows. Here, I will give you a little tip on how to make shoe soles white as new applied by shoe washing shops.

Last time, rain, wind, mud made my sandals dirty and turned yellow. No matter how much scrubbing, it is difficult to make the soles of the shoes white again. Once talking to my sister, she was told to use a shoe repaint pen to whiten the soles of her shoes, this is also a way that shoe washing shops apply.

This Repaint pen is easy to buy at shoe stores or on e-commerce sites. Just search for “repaint pens” and there are plenty of products to choose from. Some good brands that you can choose from are Crep Protect, Toyo, … but these products are a bit expensive and I choose to buy a cheap repaint pen of only 20,000 VND from OEM which is also quite good.

How to whiten shoe soles with repaint pens

The reason that this type of pen has the ability to whiten shoe soles is because the pen has white ink that is similar to an eraser but is more liquid than an eraser that can cover yellow stains and replace it with the natural bright white color of the sole. shoe.

Using this pen is like using an eraser. Rotate the end of the pen so that the white ink flows out, then use the pen to paint over the yellowed soles and let it dry naturally. Wherever the bowl goes, the white sole goes there.

The sole of the shoe is painted pure whiteThe sole of the shoe is painted pure white

If you see this way or not, try to apply it to your white sole shoes. Note that when painting, be careful not to get the ink on other parts, otherwise it will turn those shoes white.

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